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NY Mice Are Crawling by Dangerous pathogenic bacteria & Viruses

as informed in Dr. Lipkin said it wasn’t clear whether the mice were getting the antibiotic-resistant pathogenic bacteria from people — tell, by eating food contaminated by the feces of someone taking antibiotics — or whether the pathogenic bacteria developed resistance after mice ate discarded antibiotics.
“These aren’t easy things to investigate,” Dr. Calisher said.
His laboratory has too studied rats on the NY City subway system & found many of the same infectious pathogenic bacteria.
as a result in, Big apartment buildings ought fill any gaps in their foundations, & trap & control any rodents found indoors, Dr. Calisher said.
“Cats have their own viruses,” Dr. Calisher noted.

pathogenic bacteria
pathogenic bacteria

They probably play in contributing to environmental contamination by pathogenic bacteria

as mentioned in Nonetheless, tiny is known about the role. Which they probably play in contributing to environmental contamination by pathogenic bacteria.
Here, we describe the fecal microbiome of home mice by emphasis on revelation of pathogenic bacteria. And antimicrobial resistance genes by molecular methods.
Furthermore, genes mediating antimicrobial resistance to fluoroquinolones (qnrB) & β-lactam drugs (bla SHV & bla ACT/MIR ) were widely distributed.

in addition to,
In concert, these findings backing the necessity for more study into the role of home mice as possibility reservoirs for human pathogens & antimicrobial resistance in the built environment.
We surveyed mice from 7 sites across NY City & found multiple Bacteria associated by febrile & gastrointestinal illness as well as an array of antimicrobial resistance genes.

Viral Diversity of home Mice in NY Citydollar

as mentioned in ABSTRACT The microbiome of wild Mus musculus (home mouse). A globally distributed invasive pest which resides in lock contact by humans in urban centers, is largely unexplored.
Here, we report test of the fecal virome of home mice in residential buildings in NY City, NY.
Unbiased high-throughput sequencing of feces uncovered 36 viruses from 18 families & 21 genera, including at least six novel viruses & three novel genera.
finally,We found neither geneticalfootprints to known human viral pathogens nor antibodies to lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus.
In this survey of mice trapped in multiple locations within NY City over a period of one year, we found a diverse collection of viruses which includes some formerlynot associated by home mice & others which appear to be novel.


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