Drug abuse and addiction

How do you fight drugs

fight drugs

Drugs are all natural or manufactured material the human mind goes partly,

or completely and makes its owner unaware of what he does

and is unaware of what is happening around him.

The drugs were old, confined only to the rich,

but today the poor have also been abusing drugs to unload their repressed energy,

and escape from reality.

Drug abuse is one of the things that God has forbidden,

because it harms the mind and body of the human being.

Some doctors use certain types of drugs in treatment,

but in certain proportions so as not to lead to addiction.


Types of drugs


Cocaine is extracted from the coca leaf and is an alarm material.

It is used by smoking or injections and lasts for half an hour

and then the user returns to worse than depression and anxiety.

They are dangerous in that they lead to increased heartbeat,

hypertension, internal bleeding and can lead to sudden death.


It is used in the surgical anesthesia by injection

and it completely anesthetize the body and lead to disturbances in memory,

to hallucinations and increase the dose of it leads to impaired breathing

and thus to sudden death.


Its impact is similar to that of cocaine and is a central nervous system stimulant.

It is given to patients who suffer from hypermobility and who are unable to observe.


It anesthetize the central nervous system and causes severe addiction in a short time.


It is used in hospitals as a painkiller and is taken by chewing,

or smoking and causes severe addiction in a short period.


One of the most famous types of drugs that are traded among many people,

and taken by chewing or smoking and lasts for an hour and a half.

Increased dosage leads to poisoning in the cells of the nervous system.

7-Ecstasy pills:

Oral and frequent use leads to a feeling of depression,

a malfunction of the heart and brain function and an increase in the dose leading to sudden death.

Drug damage

  • Because the addict needs the dose that he is given without having the money,

this may make him go to robbery, which leads to the corruption of society.

  • Cause anxiety and insomnia among users.

  • Drugs cause kidney failure and sometimes lead to a coma that ends in death.

  • Lead to the disintegration of family relations as a result of violence and the multitude of problems.

  • Leads to a sense of mental confusion and seizures.

  • The state loses a lot of money because the addict does not do his business

so it doesnt return to the state income and the process of treating it costs the country a lot of money.

  • Leads to a feeling of depression and mood swings.

  • Lead to personality disturbances and a decline in the addiction look of himself.


Methods of treating addiction

  • Formation of programmes to educate young people on the seriousness of drugs,

and the need to treat them in the form of collective, individual or family sessions.

  • Self-help groups are groups that educate the addict about the seriousness of drugs,

and the diseases caused by them, whether they are healthy, social or psychological.

  • Consult a family addict about his condition,

because the family is considered the biggest supporter,

or consult a psychiatrist about how to treat the condition.

  • Ensure that patients do not have other illnesses such as tuberculosis and hepatitis through medical examinations.

  • Withdrawal therapy is the detoxification of the addict’s body,

and this leads to a feeling of fatigue, pain in the bones, constant vomiting,

anxiety and depression as it leads to suicide and is done by:

  • Gradually reduce the doses of the drug user.

  • Use less anesthetic type,

and debilitating are less than the first type and then gradually reduce them.


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