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Tips for coexistence of blood pressure

Tips for coexistence of blood pressure

High blood pressure is a disease that affects many people.

If his treatment is neglected, he will lead us to serious illnesses and complications.

High blood pressure is a silent disease, but there must be ways to coexist with this dangerous disease.

Foods that reduce high blood pressure:

Eat fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins because these foods reduce high blood pressure within weeks.

Keep away from foods that have high proportions of animal fats.

Avoid full-fat milk and dairy products, especially high blood pressure patients, must abide by these rules to maintain their health.

Food must be rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium and fiber salts.

These types of foods are characterized by moderate amounts of protein, low cholesterol and saturated fats.

Salt reduction in food

Food salt significantly affects high blood pressure disease.

Especially the elderly and diabetics.

The salt is high in canned food, preserved and frozen foods,

and also in fast food such as pizzas and smoked food.

Ad hoc basis should stay away from overeating as much as possible,

and commit to a healthy diet so that we do not expose our health to the risks and complications of blood pressure.

Quit Smoking

Smoking affects the walls of the arteries and makes them less resilient

because of tobacco toxins caused by smoking.

Playing sports

Sport is very useful for the human body, where it is working to relieve fat in the blood.

Blood lipids are sure to relieve atherosclerosis.

Sport also gives us a sense of activity.

 Therefore, it increases the ability to relax and thus reduces tension.

Stay away from stress and stress

Try some useful activities such as:

Sports and reading or practicing a favorite hobby, this will elevate your morale and relieve stress and anxiety.

Tips for coexistence of blood pressure
Tips for coexistence of blood pressure

Limit drinking drinks containing caffeine

High blood pressure patients should avoid beverages that contain high caffeine such as: coffee and tea.

You should also avoid these beverages before doing any activity such as sports, or so any physical effort.

Because these caffeine-containing beverages increase blood pressure.

When measuring blood pressure you should not consume caffeinated beverages, at least half an hour before the blood pressure is measured.

Herbal blood pressure treatment:

There are effective plants to prevent high blood pressure, and these plants:

Garlic: Garlic has an important role in lowering blood pressure, diuretic and blood clotting.

 also a digestive disinfectant and an antibiotic that resists diseases.

Garlic has many benefits for the health of the human body in general and for patients with high blood pressure.

Celery: Celery is useful for high blood pressure treatment, so it can be treated as a juice or a drink because its seeds have a significant benefit in lowering blood pressure.

Oats: oats reduce blood pressure with diastolic blood pressure and systolic blood pressure.

Oats are rich in fiber that helps digestion and treats high blood pressure.

Ginger: Ginger contains anti-inflammatory substances as ginger works on blood thinners and this is useful in preventing blood clots.

Eating a cup of ginger a day helps to reduce high blood pressure.

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