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How to get a flat belly

How to get a flat belly

All women dream of getting a flat, taut belly.
To get a satisfactory result you should follow some important rules and steps.

Drinking water

Is a very important factor to get a graceful body and flat belly, but how to drink water?
You can put slices with some indexes such as oranges, lemons, and grapefruit.
Because the citrus slices rid the body of toxins.

Eating fish

rich in protein and vitamin necessary for the body.
Especially salmon and tuna to contain omega-3 and vitamin A, E, d.
The acids in the fish fight the accumulated Huns in the body.
It is therefore advisable to eat fish as much as possible.

Have a healthy breakfast

Organizing meals help to lose weight quickly.
Breakfast is important to give the body the necessary energy during the morning,

so it must be a meal rich in nutrients and balanced to your meal to eat at breakfast:

Oatmeal chips: You can eat oats boiled with water every morning because

it contains carbohydrates that enhance the process of satiety which is gradually digested.
Also, possible to eat dark chocolate chips, berries and cinnamon.

sunflower seeds

contain monounsaturated fats.
Which is a source of metabolism.
It reduces belly fat significantly.

Avoid alcohol intake

causes many risks to the body.
Because alcohol increases the hormone Cortisol which converts fat in food directly into the abdomen,

which increases the fat in the abdomen and leads to health problems.

Chew well food and eat

Eating slowly and chewing is good enough to make you feel full.

And this in turn is useful for weight loss and fat elimination.

The Best Foods for flat belly

Red fruit: The red fruit is rich in fiber and the ketone that work to open the appetite and burn fat.
Green vegetables: Vegetables are rich in antioxidants and vitamins and the body is eliminated from excess water.
Green beans: Green beans contain fibers that facilitate digestion.
Protein: There is a vegetable protein in walnuts, almonds, fenugreek seeds and Shea seeds and reduces swelling in the body.
Eggs: The eggs are rich in protein that nourishes the body and make you feel full.
It also contains choline which is a protein that work to burn fat in the body.
Preferably eat boiled eggs.

Exercises to get a flat belly

Exercise helps you get a slim body and a fat-free belly.
The types of sport that are useful in disposing of fats are:





Walk for half an hour a day

You must abide by these rules to get a flat belly within a short period.

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