How to be healthy

Diet for flat Belly

Diet for flat Belly

To get a flat belly you must follow a  healthy diet.

In this article we will introduce some proven and effective food systems.

But before you start a diet you should follow some instructions

 that help to reduce weight.

Tips for Weight loss:

You should organise your food time.

Perform exercise that helps to get a flat belly like swimming, walking

, biking and canoeing.

Eat red-colored fruits and fresh green vegetables that help burn fat.

Organizing sleep schedules, waking up early and sleeping early has a big role in body harmony and improved health.

Eat fish and keep away from foods high in carbohydrates that increase body fat.

Take care of breakfast and make it a staple meal rich in vitamins and fiber that helps ease digestion.

Try to drink water at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Avoid soft drinks because they secrete sugars in the body that are difficult to dispose of and become fat later.

Flat Belly Diet

Day 1

Breakfast:  2 eggs or can be replaced with boiled oats or dark chocolate chips

Lunch: Vegetable salad  “tomatoes-cucumber-parsley-lettuce-carrots ” + 50 grams of fish or mozzarella cheese

  Dinner: A piece of skinned chicken breast cooked with onion and ginger

Day 2

Breakfast: 2 pieces oatmeal biscuits + 1 cup skimmed milk.

A cup of green tea and an orange fruit

Lunch: onion salad with tomatoes and pepper added to red beans and spoon of chickpeas + slice wheat bread

Dinner: 50 grams of rice + grilled vegetables  “zucchini-tomatoes-eggplant ” + Vegetable salad.

Day 3

Breakfast: Raspberry juice and low fat milk

Lunch: Sushi

A snack after lunch can be eaten by an hour like a cup of dried fruit juice.

Dinner: 100g grilled chicken + sweet potato.

Day 4

Breakfast: 30 grams of oats with 200 ml of low fat milk and raisins + cup of tea

Lunch: Two pieces of salmon or any kind of grilled fish or a box of tuna + vegetable salad

Dinner: Grilled meat with bread and green salad.

Day 5

Breakfast: 2 fruits + 125 grams of milk + 20 grams of nuts + cup of tea.

Lunch: 50 grams of goat cheese + slice of wheat bread + salad.

Dinner: 120 Grilled salmon + 4 boiled potatoes + vegetable salad.


Herbs help to get a flat belly


There are some drinks that help to lose weight and make us get a flat and taut belly. Examples of these herbs:

Ginger and cinnamon.

Green tea .

Cinnamon and chamomile.

Cumin and chamomile.

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I write in the field of health 5 years ago although I have concerns in other areas such as technology and electronic marketing and also finances but I preferred the field of health because it gives the necessary expertise to take care of our bodies and how to deal with the different diseases spread, aware that health is the most important thing that man owns so We should have taken good care of it.

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