Viral Infections

How to protect your family from winter viruses

winter viruses

Winter viruses are the diseases that come with the onset of winter and are caused by the immune system doubling the inflammatory response.

One of the causes of the spread of viruses in winter is the gathering of individuals in a single place at home,

or gathering anywhere, such as sports links, which leads to the easy spread of germs,

and infection among them.

Viruses are activated in winter because of low temperatures, unlike the summer, which has a high temperature.

Types of Winter viruses

1-Colds and flu:

Cold and flu are a lot of diseases that infect humans due to weakened immunity,

and the weaker the immune system the more chance of getting the flu.

The onset of the cold is caused by being in crowded places,

and it is easy to spread the bacteria causing the cold or by inhaling smells such as perfume

or wall paint that leads to the cold also,

especially for those who suffer from allergic rhinitis.

2-sore throat:

Throat inflammation occurs for adults and children especially with climate cooler and is the result of inflammation of one or both tonsils.

3- Asthma:

Asthma is a severe inflammation of the airways and is usually associated with cold and flu or as a result of running the fireplace at home and when the infection of the disease must treat the cold first.

4- Arthritis:

As a result of low temperatures in the winter the hardening of the joints leads to a feeling of severe pain.

The feeling of depression affects the person with physical illnesses such as arthritis.

Symptoms of the winter virus

Feeling nauseous, vomiting, sudden diarrhea, high temperature, headache, and limb pain.


Duration of the disease

Symptoms last between 12 and 60 hours, but most people feel better after 48 hours.


Methods of protection against infection in winter

1-Get serums:

Vaccinations are one of the most important ways of preventing all diseases, especially influenza, to protect your family.

2-Good hygiene:

It is necessary to wash hands with water and soap in adults and children this method reduces the incidence of disease among individuals.

Also refrain from touching the eye, nose and face if the hands are unclean.

3-Cover mouth:

You must put a napkin on the mouth during coughing or sneezing so that the germs do not move between you and those around you.

4-Wear mask:

You must wear a medical mask if you are sick so that germs that come out of the breath and infect those around you are not spread and you must wash your hands before using it and changing it every 4 hours.

5-Proper nutrition:

Healthy nutrition is the best prevention of all diseases, the human must eat healthy fruits and eat beneficial to return to the body with vitamins and energy and to strengthen the immunity of individuals.



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