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Symptoms of gastritis and treatment methods


Symptoms of gastritis and treatment methods

Gastritis is a common disease, occurs as a result of swelling of the lining of the stomach

and also  the protective layer of the stomach is very weak which causes inflammation of the stomach.

This inflammation causes severe pain and digestive problems.

Types of gastritis

There are two types of gastritis  seems like                                  

Chronic gastritis:

 This type of symptom lasts for a long period of time.

Acute gastritis:

Other than chronic gastritis because the symptoms last a short time.

Causes of Gastritis

The presence of bacterial infection such as gastric germ H.pylori

Also Take some antibiotic medications that

have side effects that affect your stomach.


The feeling of stress and pressure.

Infection with CMV-cell subwoofer.

Drink more alcohol.

The use of caustic substances that work corrodes the lining of the stomach.

Use of ventilator for a long time

Autoimmune diseases.

Symptoms of Gastritis.


Feeling cramped pain and stomach.

Puffy feeling.

The possibility of blood in the vomit or in the stool.

Feeling not wanting to eat.

How to Diagnose Gastritis

  • In case of symptoms, you must check the blood sample in

the laboratory until the type of virus that causes the disease is determined.

  • also Take a stool sample in the laboratory.
  • Detection of the upper parts of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Radio logical examination through radio graphic imaging X-ray.
Symptoms of gastritis and treatment methods
Symptoms of gastritis and treatment methods

Treatment of Gastritis

Gastritis is treated through medications that are guided by the doctor

It reduces the acidity of the stomach through one of these methods:

Inhibition of activity of cells that produce infectious acids.

Reduce acidity.

Special drugs work to balance the acidity

of the stomach and reduce the symptoms of gastritis.

Taking an antibiotic eliminates the stomach germ.

You can also eat herbs that can relieve stomach pain and treat inflammation.


 The treatment of gastritis ranges from 10 days to 48 days.

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