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Treatment of stomach pain with simple steps

Treatment of stomach pain with simple steps

The stomach performs the basic but shockingly, it is among the most sensitive devices,

and is affected by unsafe and harmful nutrients and a feeling of pressure and emotional pressure.

  The majority of this affects the stomach incredibly and makes it suffer from very serious and painful pain.

  This is with a feeling of some painful indications including nausea, jogging, blockage, loss of cravings and high temperature.

  Today we have brought you the most vital and mildest treatment to get rid of this annoying torment which is the torment of the stomach.

  You can do it at home without having to go to a doctor.


Walking is an effective natural remedy for getting rid of stomach pain and calming their muscles.

Walking also facilitates digestion and metabolism

It also reduces intestinal contact and eliminates constipation

Walking helps the muscles to relax surprisingly and reduce muscle spasms and also promotes the production of good androgen which helps to relax.

Keep walking throughout the week especially if you are suffering from severe stomach aches and will feel comfortable.

 Make your stomach feel warm

Heating the stomach with hot water is a very effective way to get rid of stomach pain and pain.

This is done by placing a piece of cotton soft and moist with hot water on the stomach and leave it

to heat for half an hour and repeat this step more than once during the day.

You can also put hot water bottles instead of cutting cotton.

This method helps to relieve stomach pain by a large amount and remove convulsions

and cramps in the muscles of the stomach completely.

So that the stomach feels warm and this relieves stomach pain.

 Stomach massage

Bring a little olive oil and warm it slightly, then place a little on the stomach and massage with circular movements

This activates the blood circulation greatly and helps to relax the muscles.

Herbal Stomach Pain Treatment

Ginger that contains a large proportion of anti-inflammatory substances.

Mint tea that calms the nerves inside the stomach and relieves its contraction Fennel and Anise  works to calm the stomach.

Chamomile crosses very well in treating stomach pain and relieving associated infections.

 Cumin handles bloating and you will notice it immediately

Boil any kind of natural herbs with honey, and drink it on the stomach and you will notice the disappearance of pain.

Eat fruits to fight stomach pain

You have to eat the fruit during your pain.

Because the fruits contain a large proportion of minerals and potassium that purifies the stomach of viruses and for example:

Bananas, sweet potatoes, avocado, pomegranate and apples.

And stay away from foods that contain spices and spices.

Also avoid fatty foods rich in fat, because all of these foods increase inflammation and thus will increase your feeling of pain.

Jam, toasted bread and biscuits

With fruit and herbal tea, you will have to eat some snacks and help with the treatment of annoying stomach pain.

Of these palliative foods of jam pain

Especially apple jam or fig jam, makes it easier to digest and reduce the incidence of chronic diarrhea.

You will also have a slice of toast with jam, toast that absorbs gastric juice.

Toasted bread reduces the acidity of the stomach.

Delicious biscuits can be eaten early in the morning with orange juice, reducing the nausea associated with stomach pain.

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