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10 points to ensure the child’s mental health

ensure the child's mental health

A child is born as a white page who knows nothing of life and has only the ability to scream and look for tenderness in his first moments.
Parents have a fundamental role in raising a child properly and must raise their children properly to achieve a psychological balance in the child.
In this article, we will show the most important conditions for the child’s psychological balance.

10 points to ensure the child’s mental health

1. Childhood

The child is born within a family that has psychological stability.
The distribution of roles between mothers and fathers, so that their self-image is stable,
Especially from 0 to 5 years old where his personality begins.

2. Choosing the Right School

The school in which he learns is qualified to teach him how to communicate properly,

by providing him with the ability to know, develop and correct social communication.

3. Give the child the right to go play

Developing the mental and self-capacity of the child through play, is very important in teaching the important principles of life.

4. freedom of expression

To leave the child free to express himself or herself, so that he can communicate with others.
And not to suppress some things he thinks about.
If subjected to sexual harassment, for example, he will not tell his parents unless he is able to express himself.


5. Do not use violence

Not to be subjected to moral, verbal, and physical intolerance.
Because it keeps the child captive in those words and expressions that inflict psychological harm.
Such as: “you are lazy,” “you do nothing,” and “will not reach anything.”
You should use phrases that stimulate your child and raise his spirits.


6. Give self-confidence

Work to discover the talents and abilities of the child, and develop these talents to feel his confidence in himself.
And so this will enhance his mental and psychological abilities and confidence of himself and others.

7. Granting independence

The child must be granted autonomy and express his views freely,
For example, he must decide to choose the sport he likes to exercise himself without the intervention of August or his mother.
A child must not be associated, in his or her opinion, with anyone, since it is very important to do what he or she likes to do to enjoy a separate personality.

10 points to ensure the child's mental health
10 points to ensure the child’s mental health

8. Principle of reward and punishment

Dealing with the child according to the principle of reward and punishment gives him the ability to know the limits that must stand on them and not exceed them.
By being punished when he is wrong and understanding the reason for the punishment
He is rewarded when he does a good job.
This would help him to know and appreciate positive things.

9. Positive participation

Positive engagement with him is one of the most important principles, which makes a child a person capable of overcoming problems and obstacles.
Because of his ability to look positively even at the greatest problems and difficulties.
This helps him relieve the pressure on himself.

10. Sexual Awareness

Educate the child sexually and teach him to respect his body and the body of others,
What makes him able to protect himself from any harm he may be exposed to,
By refusing ( refusing to assault), defending himself, and reporting the matter, which relieves pressure.

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