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Symptoms of autism in young children

Autism is a disorder that occurs in humans, which affects it and makes them weak in interacting and communicating with people.

Different types of autism vary from child to child.

The cause of autism is the result of malfunctioning brain functions.

Studies have shown that children with autism suffer from genetic disorders.

Each 1% of these children suffers from chromosome syndrome.

And 2% of autistic children are at risk of developing sclerosis.

There is also a high proportion of autistic children suffering from mental retardation and epilepsy.

Symptoms of autism

Children with autism suffer from difficulties in three basic developmental areas:

Social relations                      



The symptoms of autism appear in most children, at the age of infancy,

Other children may emerge and develop quite naturally during the first months or years of their lives.

But, suddenly, they become self-locked, hostile, or lose the language skills they have acquired until that moment.

Although each child has symptoms of autism, he/she shows his or her own patterns,

 However, the following are the most common features of this type of disorder:

Social relations with an autistic child

Not responding when you call his name.

Avoids direct visual contact.

Don’t listen to you when you talk to him.

involves himself and refuses to embrace.

Does not understand the feelings and emotions of others always prefers to play alone and moves away from others.

Language skills of Autistic child

The speech begins at a later age compared to other children.

He loses his ability to say certain sentences and words he already knew.

He maintains a visual connection when he wants something.

Speaking with strange voice tones, or speaking with a singing voice or a voice resembling a robot.

Cannot initiate and continue a conversation.

He may repeat words, phrases, or terms but he does not know how to use them.

Symptoms of autism in young children
Symptoms of autism in young children

Autistic Child Behavior

Autistic children perform repetitive movements such as vibrators, rotating circles, or waving hands.

Constantly moving

Be amazed and fascinated by certain parts of the objects such as the rotation of the toy car wheel.

Extremely sensitive, sound or tactile, but unable to feel pain.

Children with autism who are under five years of age have difficulties sharing with others or when they are asked to point their finger at a picture in a book or story that does not have the capacity of natural children.

The abilities and condition of the autistic child are different from one child to another:

The effect of autism on some children

Autistic patients at the age of puberty can become more able to mingle and integrate into the surrounding social environment.

Some may succeed in living a normal life.

Some autistic children may have difficulties in language skills and in social relations,

Even when they reach puberty increases their behavioral problems ill.

Some of them are slow to learn, in contrast, other autistic children enjoy a high IQ.

A very small percentage of autistic children have unique exceptional skills, particularly concentrated in a particular field such as art, mathematics, and music.

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