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Symptoms of various heart diseases that must be observed

Symptoms of various heart diseases that must be observed.

Heart disease is a description of a range of diseases that affect the heart.

Diseases that fall under the purview of heart disease include vascular diseases, such as coronary artery disease, and problems in cardiac systems (cardiac arrhythmia).

 The heart defects in which one is born (congenital heart defects) are among other diseases.

You may experience different symptoms without knowing that they may be a sign of a heart disease.

Symptoms of heart disease may not be expected. So you have to know the symptoms of heart disease that we will talk about in this article, continue with us:

Sleep Apnea

If this happens and you suddenly stop breathing while you’re asleep, your brain does not get enough oxygen.

  So it will send signals to blood vessels and heart to work more seriously to maintain blood flow, causing:

  High risk of high blood pressure.


  And stroke.

  Failure of cerebral and cardiac respiration.

  Luckily sleep apnea is considered treatable.


A high percentage of triglycerides can cause rashes around the joints of your fingers or fingers themselves.

The high percentage of triglycerides in your blood may cause atherosclerosis,

and the rise in triglycerides may also be symptomatic of heart disease and stroke.

Weak hand Grip

In fact the amount of power you enjoy in your fist may be a sign of your heart’s strength too,

 Research sees that whenever you are able to squeeze or push things harder, the less the risk of heart disease.

 So if you find it difficult to catch things, it may mean that you have a high probability that you have a disease or develop a medical condition,

Improving control of your grip will not affect the strength of your heart.

Black spots down Nails

If you notice a black spot beneath your nails without hitting anything, this is disturbing, because this indicates an infection in the lining of the heart or valves that is known to cause internal inflammation of the heart.

The cause of these black spots may also be diabetic because diabetics are more susceptible to heart disease and stroke.

Feeling dizzy

When you feel dizzy, it indicates a heart problem.

The heart does not pump enough blood into the brain.

Rotor also refers to irregular heartbeat or heart failure, which may be due to weakness in the heart muscles, which makes you unstable in the balance.

Weakness in sexual ability                

with heart disease or stroke, as men with erectile dysfunction may suffer from circulatory problems associated with high blood pressure or arterial distress due to the accumulation of cholesterol.

Change in skin color

The blue or gray color that your fingers may show may be a sign of poor blood circulation and oxygen-rich blood supply to your body, often due to a heart defect you have generated,

  Or obstruction of blood vessels, such as those planned and spotted purple forms appear when it comes to cholesterol Cholesterol in the blood vessels,

  Where you can find blood spots under the skin, or inside your hands or the soles of your feet if you have an inflammation of the heart.



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