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4 types of Anxiety and how to treat ?

4 types of Anxiety and how to treat ?

Now we live in a society full of causes that bring us anxiety and tension.
There are several types of anxiety you can overcome it yourself and some of them need guidance.

types of anxiety :

1- Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Also This type is the most famous and widespread so, it effected on many people.

Symptoms of anxiety

Trembling or irritability
Fatigue and lethargy
Low power
Breathes problems
And problems sleeping and waking up on negative thoughts
Sweating and dry mouth
Stomachs upset
also the best solution is to go to the doctor, in order to take a medicine and therapy

such as anti-depressed or anti anxiety (businessperson).
Behavioral cognitive therapy, You can resist the negative thought that you have.
Cognitive therapy will correct and develop alternative ideas for everything that is gone on.
Her will have a big factor in helping her to skip the stage of great anxiety.
lifestyle must be easier by:
firstly take an exercise
secondly avoid a caffeine
thirdly mediation

2-Social Anxiety (same as Social Phobia)

Firstly, It is an illogical concern for positions


Extreme shyness
Fear marked
Obsession Observation
Severe separation of social attitudes
Troubling getting to know new people


first selection is medication such as sertraline and paroxetine.
Psychotherapy work on Correct all thoughts related to anxiety and social attitudes, whether large or small.
Cognitive behavioral therapy is The most successful type of individual or group.
There are therapeutic groups that help you develop confidence and skills from any social situation you suffer from it.

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3-Panic Attacks & Panic Disorder

firstly,In this type of anxiety there is no obvious reason for extreme fear and sometimes

finds physical reactions and may expect a heart attack.


Fear of death or lack of control
Fast heartbeat
Stomach cramps
a headache
Feeling of lack of focus or separation


This treatment depends on what you prefer
And the history of the beginning
And the severity of your disorder
Whether psychotherapy or cognitive behaviour
you can learn from an experience panic and restoring a new memories and will continue.

4- Specific Phobias

also type of Phobias
animals Phobias
Situational Phobias
Natural Environment Phobias
blood tests or shot
Breathing hard
pain in chest

treatment is shortened in two ways

also Medications or psychotherapy
Sometimes it needs two ways.
Cognitive behavioral therapy is a basic treatment likes other anxiety disorders
so This type depends on ideas, which then come feelings and behaviour.
It focuses on the wrong pivotal beliefs, and we change them correctly
Medicines also help to reduce the disease such as Zoloft & Prozac &Celexa and also anti-depressed.

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