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Causes of osteoporosis and methods of prevention

Causes of osteoporosis

One of diseases that affect the bone.

Also, people with osteoporosis Suffer

from any broke down or activity such as

standing and doing as any normal person .

And Diseases of the bone osteoporosis

occur for anyone of any age and for women

with the most age.

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Causes of osteoporosis

Age of the most important causes of osteoporosis

throughout your life the bone will be interchangeable

and change but as the age progresses its ability decreases

and the disease happens.

The second central cause is menopause for women aged

about 45 to 55 Because of a change in hormones.

There are other causes of osteoporosis, such as overactive thyroid gland.
Osteoporosis symptoms:

1-The disease was discovered only after a severe fracture.

2-receding gums.

3-weakened grip strength.

4-weak and brittle nail.

5-The most dangerous factors of osteoporosis.

6-history of osteoporosis.

7-Being female.

8-Low body weight.

9-Being female.


Diagnosis of osteoporosis:

You do some tests, blood and urine tests.

With bone density measurement tests

The test takes up to 30 minutes also.

Osteoporosis treatment :

If you’re found to have osteoporosis,

your doctor will set up a treatment plans

With Calcium and vitamin D

There is no clear treatment for osteoporosis.

Optimum treatment is bone protection.

And also slow down the bone collapse.

There are more common medications such as


other treatment :

1- hormone therapy.

For men testosterone treatment helps to increase and

strengthen bone density.

Estrogen whether in menopause or while it helps

to bone density.

2- Injectable therapy.

Injections enter the body and heal and strengthen faster.

You can use some examples as Prolia or Xgevaalso some

medication teriparatide To strengthen the bone and be

taken by injection.

Prevention of osteoporosis

natural treatment forosteoporosis

You should go to the doctor before using any dietary

supplements such as red clover and black cohosh.

Although not all the nutritional supplement results

have been confirmed, the experience for everyone confirms it.

there are side effects for some nutritional supplement.

Diet for osteoporosis, so doing a proper diet with

vitamin D and callistum.

Food is accompanied by sport and the best results.

You are doing some exercises for the hands and the legs.

Examples :squats,pushups and dump bells

also climbing stairs is a simple sport.

Exercises generally help you to have a better mental andgood heart

One of the most important things that limit or

protect you from osteoporosis

reducing smokingfirstly,

secondly, doing some sports.

Thirdly, Nutrition of the body on the callistumand vitamin D.

Fourthly,For women,theycure ahormone Therapy.

Different between osteoporosis & Osteopenia:

there are Osteopenia isPre-osteoporosis Phase.

so With food and sports systems you can strengthen them.

But osteoporosis is different from her, just like we mentioned before.

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