Viral Infections

Virus C treatment prices

Virus C treatment prices

Virus C ( HCV ) is a viral infection, or through the body’s production of antibodies to the liver tissue.

Hepatitis can occur as a result of taking a lot of medications, toxins or alcohol.

Direct contact between body fluids helps to transmit infection,

or through the use of contaminated syringes.

It’s not easy to cure a virus if he destroys the liver.

HCV causes many diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver, cancer and hepatitis.


Firstly, Symptoms of c virus

The patient does not show symptoms and is at the beginning of the disease and if it appears mild symptoms such as:

  •  General fatigue.

  •  Yellowing of the eye and skin color.

  •  Anorexia.

  •  Nausea and vomiting.

  •  Low temperature height.

  •  Abdominal pain.

  •  Catch.

  •  Lack of concentration and mood disorder.

  •  Always feeling sleepy.


Secondly, Causes of morbidity

The disease is caused by the transmission of blood contaminated by

the disease to the person through the use of a blood-contaminated syringe that spreads among drug addicts

or through sexual intercourse with the patient.


Modern ways to cure C virus

No single drug helps to treat HCV because it depends on the degree of cirrhosis,

and the treatment period can last from 8 to 24 weeks

if the degree of infection is significant, and sometimes lasts for 12 weeks only and this is called viral response.

Some medications used to treat C virus:


This drug is used to treat C-Class III virus and is taken in tablet form once a day next to another drug called Suphospoin.

It has a side effect of feeling tired and headaches and sometimes slows down the heart rate.

2-Lecapvir / Biberntasvir:

This drug is used to treat pneumonia in the first, fourth, fifth and sixth grade.

Its side effects are fatigue, mild headaches, diarrhea and sleep problems.

3-Pasveer / Gradzprivir:

Kidney Diseases late Type I, IV and VI are treated with it and taken once a day,

The side effects caused are of fatigue and slight headaches.


4-Glycabrvir /Biberntasvir:

Treatment of all viral liver diseases is taken three times a day,

The side effects of this drug are headaches, nausea, fatigue and diarrhea.

5-Umbettasfer / Baretapever / ritonavir:

Used for the treatment of C type IV virus in the absence of cirrhosis and taken on the form of tablets once daily.

The side effects of this treatment are fatigue, headache, sleep problems,

cough, stomach upset and liver damage for people with cirrhosis.

6- Sembriver and Sophospover:

They are used together to treat the first type of liver problem.

Side effects of fatigue, headache, stomach pain, cough and inflammation of the skin when exposed to the sun.


It is used to treat all kidney diseases if there is no liver damage and is taken once a day.

A side effect of the drug is the feeling of tiredness and headache and nausea and diarrhea.


Used to treat all types of virus C and taken once daily.

And its side effects are feeling tired and headache.

C Virus Drugs prices

  •  Alsovaldi Drug is at a price of 499 LE and in private pharmacies 900 LE.

  • Deklatasver Drug within the ministry’s liver centers became 67 LE and in pharmacies 200LE.

  • Harvony Drug in pharmacies 1100 LE.


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