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Prevention and reduce the risk of lung cancer

Risk of lung cancer


Today, we will talk about the prevention of lung cancer and reduce the risk of lung cancer.

Not all lung cancers can be prevented. But there are steps you can do that might lower your risk.

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Risk of lung cancer


What are The things you can do to lower for lung cancer risk?

  • to reduce your exposure radon you should have your home

        tested and treated because Radon is a basic cause of lung cancer.

  •  Eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables because it may

    help reduce your risk of lung cancer whether you are smoking or not.

    Variety may be even more important, that come back from suggested

    of studies recent. but quantity is less than variety .so eat a variety of fruits

    and vegetables such as the white of onions, and broccoli, the reds of apples,

    spinach and orange juice.

    Watch out, The risk of lung cancer increases when using inorganic phosphates

    which found in cheeses and meats.

  •  Stay away from smoking because the best way to reduce your risk of

 lung cancer. while If you stop smoking before cancer develops, your

 damaged lung tissue gradually starts to repair itself.

 It should be noted that limiting exposure to also smoke might also

 help to reduce the risk of cancers disease.

  • Limit exposure to cancer-causing chemicals. it may be in the 

workplace and elsewhere but it may also be helpful in some special 


  •  Be Careful and Aware at Home because lung cancer prevention is

 important at home as well. chemicals that contribute to lung 

cancer are found not only at the workplace but also may be under

your sink or in your garage. so be careful, read labels on household

products and follow the instructions for safe usage.

It should be noted that wood smoke from wood-burning stoves and

fireplaces also increase the risk of lung cancer.

can aid in lung cancer prevention.

  • Enjoy a cup of Green tea because it has been shown to prevent

a lot of damages cells caused by smoking.

  •  Be Wary of Nutritional Supplements. advertisements would

lead us yet to believe that nutritional supplements are beneficial in 

lung cancer prevention, but studies have actually linked the use of 

alot of supplements to a big risk of developing cancer in the lung.

It should be noted If you are considering taking nutritional

supplements, you should talk to your doctor first.

  • Limit Your Intake of Alcohol or prevent it.

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