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All information about the cancer disease in the brain

The cancer disease in the brain

The beginning of cancer is from the CNS (central nervous system).

Cancer may begin in this area or more. but cancer may usually

spread there.

Firstly, Primary brain tumors are tumors that form from brain cells.

Secondly, Brain tumors spread to the brain from another location in

the body, such as the lung, colon, kidney or breast.

Note that the metastatic brain tumors are more common than primary

brain tumors.

Supportive care options for brain cancer

Doctors are helping our patients manage the side effects of brain cancer

and its treatment. Supportive care services are built to help patients stay

strong and maintain the quality of life throughout treatment.

Supportive care options may include some points such as:

1- Pain management, It is a branch of medicine specialized on reducing

pain and improving quality of life through a systematic approach to care.

2- The mind-body, It is performed for the support you in all stages

of cancer treatment.

3- Oncology rehabilitation, It includes a wide group of therapies made

for help you to build strength and endurance.

How to detect or diagnose brain cancer?

You should do a regular check-up for yourself by going to the doctor,

every time period specified for reassured.when you have symptoms that refer to a brain tumor,

your doctor will do like a physical exam.

he will ask in it about your personal and family health history.

and You may have one or more tests such as :

-The MRI is a machine with a strong magnet linked to a computer is

used to produce detailed pictures of areas inside The head. Sometimes a

special contrast dye is injected into a blood vessel in your arm or hand to

help us to show the differences which there are in the tissues of the


-A neurologic exam is to check your vision, alertness, hearing, muscle

strength, coordination, and reflexes by a doctor and also examines your

eyes to look for swelling that connects the eye and the brain.

-The CT scan is An x-ray machine work as linked to a computer to takes

a series of detailed pictures of your head by receiving contrast material

by put into a blood vessel in your arm or hand because the contrast

material makes abnormal areas easier to see. Your doctor may ask you

for other tests.

-A spinal tap happens from the doctor who may remove a sample of

cerebrospinal fluid, This procedure is performed with local anaesthesia by

to remove the fluid from the lower of the spinal column, your doctor uses

a long thin needle.

It should be noted that spinal tap takes about 30 minutes. for keeping

from getting a headache, lie and flat for several hours afterwards.

-Angiogram: In the bloodstream, the angiogram is dye injected so it

makes blood vessels.

-A biopsy is the meaning of removal tissue to look for tumor cells. A

pathologist by a look at the cells under a microscope and check for

abnormal cells.

1-A Biopsy may be at the same time as treatment: The surgeon takes a

tissue sample which using when having surgery to remove part or all of the


2- A Stereotactic biopsy happens to you by get general anesthesia

and for this procedure should wear a rigid head frame.

Making a small incision in the scalp by sugeron

Using CT or MRI  For put the needle through the burr hole to the

location of the tumor.

withdraws a sample of tissue with the needle by the surgeon

A needle biopsy is taken when a tumor be deeper or when there is a part

of the brain that can’t be operated on.

The cancer disease in the brain

Brain Cancer Treatment

Frequently, Treatment of brain cancer is complex. Most treatment plans

include several consulting doctors.

The team of doctors includes oncologists, neurosurgeons, radiation

oncologists, and, of course, primary health care provider. This team may

also include a social worker, a physical therapist, a dietitian and,

possibly, other specialists such as a neurologist.

Widely, The protocols of treatment differ according to the location of the

tumor, its size and type, age, and any additional medical problems.

treatments use radiation therapy, surgery, and chemotherapy.

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