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Stages and side effects of melanoma treatment

Melanoma treatment

In this article, we will talk about Melanoma disease, not only it concept

but also the stages of melanoma and

treatment options melanoma, 

finally, we’ll talk about the side effectof melanoma treatment.

Because we want to give us more useful information for

this disease and

how to reduce the infection of it.

The Stages of Melanoma

Stage 0:

Stage 0 refers to that melanoma cells are found in the outer layer of skin


Stage 0 is very unlikely also to spread in other parts of the body.

Stage One:

In this stage, Melanoma is still only in the skin and its shape is very thin.


Stage 1 is divided into both groups 1A & 1B. so the two groups is

depending on the thickness of the melanoma and there is ulceration or


Stage Two:

Stage two is thicker than stage one. because This stage is extending

through the epidermis to dermis and the dense inner layer of the skin has

a slightly higher chance of spreading.

Stage 2 is divided into three groups A, B & C.

so that three groups are 

depending on the melanoma’s thick and whether there is ulceration or

not else.

Stage Three: 

In this stage, Spreading description of melanoma through the lymphatic

system, as a satellite lesion near the first tumor,

to a regional lymph node.

The immune system includes the lymphatic system as part of it and the

drains fluid from body tissues to a series of vessels.

Stage 3 is divided into four groups A, B, C, or D.

and so the four groups are

depending on the number and size of lymph nodes whether the first

tumor has satellite lesions and whether there is ulceration.

Stage Four:

Melanoma spreading description to inside the bloodstream to the body,

such as the location of distant on the skin, the lymph nodes of distant, or

other organs like the brain, liver, lung, bone, or gastrointestinal.

Stage 4 is evaluated basis on the location of

distant metastasis.

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Melanoma treatment

Melanoma Treatment is depending on the specific stage of melanoma

diagnosis so there are many treatment options available else.

but firstly, 

your doctor must review all your report of pathology and history of 

medical, after that he will discuss with you about the best course of


The Types and Options of Melanoma Treatment

Types of treatment available for melanoma are based on your personal

history, stage at diagnosis, and pathology report else, The doctor may

recommend one or more of these types:


Radiation which use high energy rays in Radiation therapy like x-rays

and other, because these rays uses to kill cancer cells.

Radiation is most often used as a symptom-reducing therapy in patients

although it is not an overly common option as a treatment.

2- Surgery

In Surgery, there are many different types that regularly performed for

treat melanoma. more commonly,it is main of therapy for only

early-stage melanoma and the removal of a located also metastatic

melanoma site.

3- Clinical Trials

Most of the experts agree that clinical trials use for a late-stage

diagnosis ,so there is the best treatment option yet.

4- Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is intended to destroy melanoma cells.

and it has shown

limited success in the treatment.

5- Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is used to the treatment of melanoma at high risk for

metastases and recurrence.

6- Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapy which means of drugs or other substances using, it is 

also using target abnormal aspects of tumor cells and it must happen 

without harming normal cells.

Mostly, The common side effects of melanoma treatment include, such as:

(Vitiligo, Joint pain, Skin rash, Colitis, Thyroid issues, Fatigue, Nausea,

Diarrhea, Fever, Constipation, Itching and Lymphedema).


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