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What is treatment stages of colon cancer?

Treatment stages of colon cancer


Colon cancer is a dangerous disease and there are a lot of patients

inflected it or pose a risk of injury. So we will talk about stages of colon

cancer which pass by it and treatments are necessary for all stages.


There are some facts about colon cancer, such as :

• Colon cancer usually starts in polyps which be in the wall of the

intestine and it affects the large intestine.

• The appearing of symptoms may not happen until a later stage but if

they do problems in gastrointestinal, there appear most common

symptoms like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery, it may

result in a colostomy.

• The treatment contains chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and


• to prevent colon cancer you must follow too many ways like healthy

lifestyle and it happens with a high-fiber and low-fat diet.


Symptoms and signs of colon cancer

Colon cancer has often no symptoms in the earliest stages, but it may also

develop. symptoms for example :

(anemia, gas, constipation or diarrhea, blood in the stool, changes in

stool consistency, abdominal pain, pain during bowel movements,

continual urges to defecate, weight loss and irritable bowel syndrome).


Treatment stages of colon cancer

stage 0 of colon cancer

Colon cancer in stage 0 have stayed and not grown to beyond the inner

lining. The only treatment that we need is treatment by surgery because it

is removing the polyp.

Stage I of colon cancer

Colon cancer in stage I enters deeply to the layers of the colon wall.

If there is cancer in the polyp or cells at the edges of the polyp, The

doctors might be recommended for more surgery.

But if cancers not in a polyp, it means that partial colectomy is the main

treatment. and You typically will not need to any more treatment.

stage II of colon cancer

stage II in colon cancers is often growing through the wall of the colon, or

into nearby tissue, but it isn’t spread to the lymph nodes.

The only treatment we need in this stage is surgery. but some doctors

recommended chemotherapy and it because cancer may be a higher risk

of coming back. there are many factors, such as :

When cancer viewed under a microscope, it looks like an abnormal.

and it has grown into blood or lymph vessels.

if the surgeon didn’t remove lymph nodes and it is at least twelve.

if cancer found in the edge of the removed tissue or near from it.

if colon blocked off because of cancer.

if happen a hole in the wall of the colon caused by the cancer

but not all doctors accepted on using chemo in stage II so you should

discuss the pros and cons of chemo with your doctor before using chemo.

stage III of colon cancer

Colon cancer in stage III spreads in nearby lymph nodes only.

Surgery Treatment isn’t enough but it must be followed by adjuvant

chemo because of the chemo is the standard treatment for this stage.

It should be noted, People who aren’t healthy enough for surgery, the

radiation therapy or chemo may be options to them.

stage IV of colon cancer

Colon cancer in stage III spreads to distant organs and tissues.

Colon cancer spreads to most places like the brain, lungs peritoneum, or

to distant lymph nodes but it most often spread in the liver.

Mostly, Surgery hasn’t cured this type of cancers but if cancers have

spread in a few places, it may be removed along with the colon cancer.

Surgery can help to live longer. while you do surgery,

you may give chemo too and that happens before or after surgery. but in

some patient cases, cancer may spread to the liver.

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