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How to protect yourself from viral hepatitis B

Viral hepatitis B

Viral hepatitis B is a serious disease, so it is important to

talk about it as symptoms of viral hepatitis B, tests and

diagnosis of viral hepatitis B and treatment it.

Hepatitis B is a danger inflected be in the liver. it is

producing scarring of the organ, cancer and liver failure.

 if it isn’t treated, it can be fatal.

This disease spreads in case enter contact with the blood

and in some other ways also.

Getting hepatitis B is serious. when an adult gets the

disease, the disease shouldn’t last a long time with them.

but at birth, the disease unlikely to go away.

Symptoms of viral hepatitis B

Most symptoms appear in infancy or childhood but it

diagnosed happen rarely because there may be

most infections occur during infancy or childhood. They

are rarely diagnosed, as there may be a few visible

symptoms. it includes:

joint pain

dark urine




a yellowing of the skin

loss of appetite

abdominal pain


clay-colored stools


The specified time that symptoms appear especially acute

of it is from symptoms appear from 60 to 120 days and it

can continue to 6 months.

when a person has chronic HBV infection, this may feel

abdominal pain, aching joints, and persistent fatigue.

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Tests and diagnosis of viral hepatitis B

Chronic and acute HBV infection is diagnosed by a blood test. Screening available for People who has a higher risk at HBV because don’t able to undiagnosed and it includes:

-when there are a person in the house has chronic HBV infection.
-infants who born to mothers with HBV
-injection drug users.
-at the work like public safety workers –
contaminated body fluids
-hemodialysis patients
-anyone who received chemotherapy for cancer
-anyone who comes from a region with a high incidence of HBV
It should be noted, If a woman has HBV
and she is expectant, the newborn must be vaccinated within12 to 24 hours after birth.

Treatment for viral hepatitis B 

Treatment of hepatitis B may help people to prevent passing the infection to others and reduce the risk of liver disease also. and it may include:
1-Antiviral medications are helping people to fight the virus and make the virus not to be able to damage the liver or reducing the risk as much as possible.
2-Interferon injections are substance produced by the body and it uses for fight infection mainly with young people who want to treat with a short term especially. if you are expectant women, you shouldn’t be used a therapy during pregnancy.because after a complete course of therapy may happen side effects like difficulty breathing, depression, vomiting, and nausea.
3-Liver transplant.
in this process, Remove damaged liver and replaces it with a healthy liver by surgeons.

You must talk to your doctor about the way of treatment as a right.

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