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A look at everything related to hepatitis D

Everything related to

Hepatitis D

Hepatitis viruses have several types. Today, in this article e will talk about hepatitis B  in terms of causes of HDV, diagnosis of

HDV, prevention of HDV, signs of HDV and treat it.

Causes of HDV

HDV comes into contact with the blood of someone who’s HDV. HDV infests to people who have HBV. it has 2 cases for


(Co-infection & Super-infection)

the signs & Symptoms of HDV

Stomach upset


Throwing up


Light-colored stool

Not feeling hungry

Joint pain

Dark urine

Pain in your belly

In Case, If you have HBV, The HDV makes the symptoms worse.

Prevention of HDV

There is no vaccine can prevent HDV.

but you must be avoided about getting HBV because HBV

is caused HDV. Ask your doctor about how to get an HBV


Don’t contact with the blood of someone with hepatitis.

Diagnosis of HDV

To diagnosis, you must do a test because testing can

determine the type of infection that a person has. because there

are 2 types of infection a co-infection or a chronic super-infection, and

the 2 types is a different condition, so it will give us a

different outcome.

Firstly, for diagnosing a hepatitis D should do the HDV antibody total test.

The result will be positive for patients who have recovered or currently infected with hepatitis D.

If HDV antibody total test results are positive you must do after that HDV RNA test which called

PCR to confirm an active infection. 

If the result appears and it is negative, this refers to a current infection is unlikely.

Types of HDV tests which ordering:

1-HDV Antibody Total

2-HDV Antibody IgM


If the test result is positive for HDV .you should get a test for hepatitis C and HIV

because there are similar ways of transmission.

If you test positive for HDV after that you should be tested for Hepatitis C and HIV

because they have similar routes of transmission.

Treatment of HDV

No cure for HDV yet. in this case, The common drug is pegylated interferon.

Doctor don’t sure about the duration of treatment yet.

The doctor you must visit. If you have an HDV is works as a gastroenterologist.


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