Drug abuse and addiction

Blue Elephant pills haunt the young

Blue Elephant pills haunt the young

The blue Elephant tablets consist of dimethyl tribamine,

and are considered a hallucinogenic pill and have a direct effect on the chemistry of the brain and hormones that are found inside the human body.

The blue elephant beans are called DMT,

and it has spread among young people and teenagers,

it is also calling the Devil’s property,

and it starts to take effect within 20 seconds of taking it and lasts until three hours.

The price varies from country to nation and starts from 40 to $100

and is one of the internationally banned grains

The Blue Elephant’s pill leads to suicide or suicide, and there are a lot of people

who have led to sudden death, and others have experienced serious psychological and neurological problems.

The role played by the Blue elephant pill

The human mind contains many neural and sensory connections that work regularly,

and in harmony with each other and there are hormones that the body secrete to make human functioning.

I made blue elephant pills using these hormones,

as they make man see and hear things that have no existence,

and blue Elephant beans are associating with the past, the present and the future.

The scientists relied on these hormones when the blue elephant beans are made,

as they make the man see and hear things that have no existence,

and are associated with the past, the present and the future,

You make a person see things he can’t see in his daily life,

and reveal some things that have happened whether they are real or not Real.


Real experiments for people who ate blue elephant beans

  • First Experience:

One of the people took one pill of the blue elephant,

saying that he felt a defect in the world around him and switched to another world,

and he met one of the jinn and one of their kings as a conversation between them and the meeting lasted for more than an hour.

and supernatural beings that had no presence in normal life and was residing in the United States of America.

  • Second experiment:

Someone recounted that after taking a blue elephant pill he found that in another world he lived where he felt that a new person enters between the folds,

and mysteries of the human mind and while wandering inside the mind

Creatures and unrealistic things he could see,

saw birds and animals with four eyes and arms.


Cure addiction to Blue elephant pills

It is not easy to cure the addiction of the Blue elephant beans,

it needs a strong will from the addict and must go to addiction treatment centers

and be under medical supervision so that he does not commit suicide.



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