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The risks of using Illicit Drugs and treatment options

The risks of using Illicit Drugs

You must be familiar with the treatment options of

an illicit drug, types of Illicit Drugs, the most common 

signs of drug addiction and prevention of Illicit Drugs.

Because Illicit drugs are substances works to

stimulate or inhibit the central nervous

system and it is caused hallucinogenic

effects so it is prohibited globally.


Treatment options of illicit drug

Treatment for illicit drug addiction could include both phases, inpatient or outpatient treatment and then maintenance treatment.

It can also often be difficult to stop an addict

people without professional help.

The withdrawal process may be caused damage to the

health and it’s very dangerous of the user.

A lot of people must be under a doctor’s sobriety,

especially for the first few weeks.

It’s necessary for the combination of the following

treatment options such as:

1-Inpatient rehabilitation program

The best start for an addiction person

to illicit drugs is an inpatient program.

Because there is a group of specialized can monitor

persons for making them be sure about their safety.

In the first phase, The patient may have

negative physical symptoms as their body

because their body doesn’t adjust

to not have the drug.

But After withdrawal, Patients can

focus on how to stay clean

in a safe environment.

The length of inpatient programs depends

on insurance coverage, facility, and situation.

2- Outpatient rehabilitation program

People attend counseling and classes at a facility.

However, People continue to live at their home and

continue their daily activities life, this is in an outpatient



Types of Illicit Drugs

Using Illicit Drugs is often common with aged 18 to 25

years old.

Find information about the most common forms of illicit

drugs just to protect you and the people around you from

its danger, for preventing them from using it. so the most common forms

of illecit drugs such as:




Crack Cocaine


Inhalants like (cleaning supplies, markers and spray paints).




Synthetic Marijuana

The most common signs of drug addiction

There are some behaviors that may indicate a drug

addiction, such as:

Aggressive behavior.

Attending social events where the drug will exist.

Sudden changes in energy level.

Withdrawal from friend and family and

being new friendships with other users.

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Prevention of Illicit Drugs

There are too little quantitative information

exists about the illicit drug consuming

but based on Studies,

there is a new high of drug use.

National prevention policies and international agreements

are two very important factors

for controlling although troublesome to evaluate.

Implementation of national health policy

often uses in communities, families or schools.

There are also evaluative reports

for the importance of school-based educational programs

 which refer to results are to be achieved.

Interactive educational programs use for improving

life skills, increasing participation

in prosocial nonschool activities or augment resistance

skills to social influences.

and also there are family and community

interventions that look important for preventing.

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