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Sleeping pills may lead you to addiction

Sleeping pills

There are severe side effects of sleeping pills. it may lead you to sleep pill addiction and there are also symptoms of withdrawal from a sleeping pill addiction. it may happen the result of sleeping pills use profusely. In this article, we will talk about all this.

Sleeping pills are a type of drugs used to induce sleep so it’s classified as sedative hypnotics and it includes various hypnotics, benzodiazepines, and barbiturates.

Side effects of Sleeping pills

Most common side effects of prescription sleeping pills



Constipation.Difficulty keeping balance.


Daytime drowsiness.

Tingling in the arms, legs, hands or feet.


Dry mouth or throat.


Impairment the next day.

Mental slowing or problems with attention or memory

Stomach pain or tenderness.

Uncontrollable shaking of a part of the body.

Unusual dreams.

Changes in appetite.



It’s very important to be familiar with sleeping pill side

effects so you can stop taking the drug and tell the doctor

immediately to avoid any more serious health problems.

Symptoms of Withdrawal from a sleeping pill addiction

Symptoms of withdrawal vary by individual so, during

withdrawal, people will feel experience physical and

psychological discomfort.

People who plenty of sleeping pill use will experience

more difficult withdrawal.

Peoples with multiple addictions or co-occurring mental health problems. These people may also be in more serious.

The withdrawal process is being more complicated.

because of all that, all these people may need to stay in

medical detox for a longer time.

All these aren’t life-threatening, but a medical detox is

very important for helping with even the mildly

uncomfortable symptoms and being assured about

nothing goes sideways during the process.

Treatment of Sleeping Pill addiction

For treating a sleeping pill addiction is often done with counselling and reducing medication gradually. when you are slowly tapering down a sleeping pill uses for helping you to reduce withdrawal symptoms.

The side effects of potential such as:

Brain damage.

Sleep driving.

Next-day intoxication.

There are countless benefits for overcoming this addiction like:

Treatment for a sleeping pill addiction leads you to improved concentration and more energy.

it also restores healthy sleep habits.

Change in the brain happens because of sleeping pills use, to reverse the damage it, sleeping pills must take a gradual process. This process can take months for a sleeping pill addiction abuser’s brain to be restored to its healthy state.

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Treatment Centers for Sleeping Pill Addiction include Inpatient Rehab

The people who have a sever addition often seek inpatient rehab.

Inpatient Rehab

The people most benefits from inpatient rehab are people’s have been taking sleeping pills in high doses.

Rehab can begin with the process of reprogramming healthy sleep habits by removes people from an environment where sleeping pills are readily accessible.

Some former sleeping pill addicts should inpatient treatment to wholeheartedly tackle the underlying issues of their addiction and this should happen without the stress of everyday life.

The other people need a supplemental treatment program and learning about the way to live without the aid of sleeping pills or any other drug only.

Inpatient rehab is very important for helping those struggling with a polydrug addiction.

People who have depression are more likely to relapse. because mental disorders are the cause of insomnia mostly.

so the treating is an important part of recovery.

It should be noted that typical stay at an inpatient rehab is often last from 28 to 90 days so it is depending on how long that takes to wean them off sleeping pills.

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