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The Difference between Hypotension and Hypertension

The Difference between Hypotension and Hypertension

Blood pressure is a vital sign from all the vital signs which monitor to determine the physical status of persons.

You should check your blood pressure regularly because this process can save your life by preventing life-threatening complications.

It is important to know the concept of blood pressure because this helps you in understanding the reading of blood pressure.


Low blood pressure can be very life-threatening for the patient so It is very alarming when prompt medical attention is not rendered.
There are a lot of low blood pressure causes range from some surgical disorders, blood loss, and dehydration. It is be controlled if the origin of the condition is properly treated and determined.


Constantly, Blood pressure can change throughout the day and this is depending on the level of activity like emotional and physical status.
If your blood pressure is normal and significantly, it rises. Don’t become a concern before going to the health professional and ask him to take a second and third blood pressure reading.
but if your blood pressure is still not normal, you need to the immediate medical attention.
High blood pressure occurs in cases of older to a greater extent. there are some precipitating factors such as obesity, faulty lifestyle, familial history, and poor diet. For these cases, hypertension is divided into two main categorized are primary Hypertension
and secondary hypertension.

The most common signs and symptoms of high blood and low blood

Signs and symptoms of Hypotension

Blurring of vision
Rapid breathing
Body weakness
Inability to concentrate

Signs and symptoms of Hypertension

Severe Headache
Nose bleeding
Nose bleeding
Irregular heartbeat
Nausea and vomiting
Difficulty of breathing
Chest pain
Blurring of vision

Which are more dangerous the low blood pressure or high blood pressure?

Both low blood and high blood pressure are very dangerous.

But there difference at long or short term in the both.
High blood pressure isn’t immediately life-threatening and that occurs in most cases. but it may some exceptions to this rule. In the short term, the brain and other vital organs can tolerate most of the time.
but when the time is over, the blood high pressure will always inevitably cause damage to all these organs.
This will take a lot longer for the damage until become apparent.
That only the hugely unfortunate thing about hypertension. In most, the immediate effects aren’t noticeable, so most of the people will be fine despite having blood pressure off the charts.
So High blood pressure is very dangerous in the long term but low blood pressure is dangerous is short term.
Low blood pressure is dangerous because vital organs will become starved for blood. and there hasn’t enough blood flowing to the vital organs.
The blood carries oxygen to vital organs, but the organs need oxygen to function properly so the organs are very necessary for life. In this case, organs won’t be able to function properly, and they may also even start to die.
If the vital organs start dying, this is referred to you will also start dying real quick. so you must fix the problem quickly.
Low blood pressure is treated much more rapidly, than high blood pressure. because low blood pressure may kill a person much faster than high blood pressure.
We may deduce from all of these that both high and low blood pressure are equally dangerous. The difference is only in the timing.


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