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The most common treatments of obesity

Treatments of obesity

When is diagnose obesity?

when your BMI is in the obese range, the health care or doctor will review your health history in detail, perform a physical exam and he will recommend some tests.
generally, These tests include:

1-Taking health history.
2-A general physical exam.
3-Calculating BMI.
4-Blood tests.
5-Measuring your waist circumference.
6-Checking for other health problems.

The most common treatments of obesity

there are a number of a treatment option that helps us to achieve a suitable weight. because obesity occurs for many reasons like a sedentary lifestyle, a health condition, diet, and genetic factors. so we will put here some treatment options such as :

1- The changes in Dietary

People who consume more calories, this can cause excess weight and fat.
and it leads to weight gain when over time.
there is another way for helping a person to lose weight is increasing the consumption of whole high-fiber foods and grains, and reducing the intake of processed and refined.
the advantage of a high-fiber diet is the body feels full more quickly.

A doctor can help you too for putting a possibly a suitable weight-loss program.

2- Physical activity uses

it has a lot of examples such as: 

walking briskly.
using the stairs instead of the elevator.
Doing chores.

3- Weight-loss medications use

A doctor will sometimes prescribe medication to help a person lose weight.

However, they usually only do this in some cases like:

The Researchers of Health note that
people should use medication with a reduced-calorie diet because exercise and the changes in Dietary use haven’t resulted in weight loss only.

You should do 60–90 minutes of these physical activities intense most days of the week
It should be noted. Any person who is not in the habit of exercising or physical activities should not start with too strenuous an activity, because this may pose a health risk.

4- Treatment by Hormones

Treatment by Hormones may help people with obesity. Studies noted that part of the success of bariatric surgery, it may be the impact it has on gut hormones.

Hormonal treatment could lead to non-surgical options.

The studies suggest that combining some hormones might provide effective treatment.

5. Surgery

This process includes changing or removing a part of a person’s stomach to do not consume as much food and absorb many calories.

This process is more effective than restrictive procedures but it can also be dangerous because mineral deficiencies and vitamins can no longer absorb as many nutrients inside the body.

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