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Chamomile tea for constipation

Chamomile tea for constipation

There are soothing, stomach-toning properties and anti-spasmodic

in chamomile contents that chamomile makes as important

in treating an array of digestive conditions.

and that occurs when chamomile is used as an alternative treatment

for constipation, also chamomile tea is using for helping to relax

the smooth muscles found in the intestines and that allow stool to pass easier.

Reasons for Constipation

Constipation occurs despite the sufficient intake fibres and fluids,

Basic intestinal motility is caused by the frequency of defecation.

because the length of the large intestine determine how often it will defecate.

In the elderly and wide transverse colon in women after birth may also an additional factor for occurred constipation.

the intestine motility is effecting by stress. because of that, some people have difficulties, especially in travel cases.

A lot of medicines are reducing peristalsis.

this may increase the tone of the inner muscles of the spirals and thus affect the defecation itself by analgesics.

Enterocromaphine cells secrete numerous hormones and hormone-active substances.

which affect muscarinic, serotonin, receptors, histamine and determine peristalsis of the


Available doses of chamomile tea

How to make chamomile tea?

It makes by add two to three heaping teaspoons of dried herb to a cup of boiling water. then allow the tea for 15 minutes to steep.

Chamomile tea is a general digestion aid so you can drink up to 4 times per day. but with children, you must ask the doctor about a specific dosage to take it.

Some warnings

1-When you consume large amounts of chamomile tea that may lead you to vomit and nausea.

2-If you feel an allergic reaction develops, you must stop using the tea of chamomile and call the doctor immediately.

3-Don’t use chamomile with certain medications, such as some forms of birth control, statins, anti-fungal drugs, and sedatives.

Some of the conclusions and advice are specific to chamomile tea for constipation:
For balance to your gut and have normal digestion again should use the chamomile tea because it will help you to achieve that.

Avoid real teas because dehydrates the body which will even worsen your constipation problem and it occurs that because the tea has caffeine. and caffeine is responsible for that.

For digested the food normally, the guts should be moistened.

Do exercise regularly.

You should have positive results on your digestion until you can live healthier.

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