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How to avoid from the disease

How to avoid from the disease

To avoid disease In order to protect against disease,

many ways are important to maintain healthy eating and exercise.

Every 6 months a person should go to the doctor and set up a comprehensive examination for reassurance.

It is important to prevent infectious diseases such as flu, blood transfusion and contaminated items to avoid disease verse C.

You must make to yourself a healthy food system:

  • The important thing in our lives is eating so we must follow a system of eating to maintain our health,

it is important to eat healthy vegetables and must be before the use of vegetables put in vinegar and to die was washing with water to kill any microbes in it.

  • We have to make the food in which the meat is cooking fully to avoid any microbes in it and to take advantage of the protein that is inside.

  •   For children under the age of one year, take care of the food they eat,

which is harmful to them a year ago egg whites, red meat, beans, starches, tuna, oils and fried food.

  • You must eat fruits and vegetables and drink juices,

and we must stay away from eating fast because it is the most harmful things to health and may cause us many diseases.

  •  It is important to take tablets complementary to the food,

because at the present time lose our body many important elements and therefore tablets complement the loss of the body elements.

The importance of periodic inspections that we must conduct.

  • It is very necessary to go to the laboratories to reassure ourselves every 6 months

where if the disease appeared to be caught and treated correctly and quickly before the evolution of things.

How to avoid from the disease
How to avoid from the disease

*Tests that should be follow every period:

  • blood analysis: Blood analysis reveals anemia if the red blood cornea is decreased.

This indicates a lack of blood and anemia. If there is a deficiency in white blood cells,

this indicates an inflammation of the bone marrow.

  • Urine analysis: Urinary incontinence surgery if he finds a kidney disease or diabetes,

and also detects if there is inflammation of the bladder or inflammation of the urethra.

  • Liver and kidney analysis: It detects if there is inflammation of the liver,

and if there are problems in the liver enzymes and detection of viral infections.

  • Fat Test: Shows the percentage of cholesterol in the blood, triglycerides and genetics.

  • Cancer Screening: The clinical examination of the presence of a tumor in the body.

*There are also special tests for women:-

  • Breast examination: reveals breast swelling and first stage of clinical examination of women over 40.

  • Clear the cervix: is done by The vagina is surgically removed from the cervix and is repeated every year.


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