How to be healthy

Eye health and beauty

Eye health and beauty

  Where the eye is a very sensitive member always needs attention and attention of a special kind will recognize some practical steps to maintain the beauty of the eyes beginning with foods useful to the eye, which is as follows:

Important foods to maintain the beauty of the eyes:

Eye health and beauty
Eye health and beauty

To maintain the beauty of the eye you must follow a healthy diet integrated on the basis of the necessary nutrients for the body:

  • Foods rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, are:

 Citrus fruits such as: orange, mango, strawberry, guava.

  • Foods rich in vitamin A are:

 fish oils, eggs especially sap, and green vegetables such as parsley, mint, and carrots.

  • Foods rich in vitamin E in the form of:

nuts such as almonds, walnuts, sunflower oil, and olives.

Zinc-rich foods such as seafood, fish, meat, yogurt and dairy products.

Drink plenty of water daily 8 cups.

Quit Smoking

Eye health and beauty
Eye health and beauty

You should completely abstain from smoking.

It increases the risk of damaged eyes.

There are many studies linking smoking to blue water.

Quitting smoking helps to alleviate the disease in the future.

Wear sunglasses

Eye health and beauty
Eye health and beauty

Wear sunglasses need to note that it must be of good quality to protect the eyes from the ultraviolet rays that damage the cornea and lead over time to damage the retina and the lens also

Make sure to renew your eye cosmetics regularly to avoid the proliferation of germs.

Look Away From the Computer Screen

Eye health and beauty
Eye health and beauty

Damage can be caused by staring at the computer screen Eye Strain

Blurry vision

Trouble focusing at a distance

Dry eyes


Neck, back, and shoulder pain

Tips and guidelines for maintaining eye beauty:

Eye health and beauty
Eye health and beauty
  • Obtain enough hours of continuous sleep at night 8 hours a day.

  • The need to continue exercising (1/2 hour a day) (3 times a week) regularly to improve the circulation of blood and access to abundant amounts of water to the eyes.

  • Permanent and continuous use of creams and good natural oils and moisturizing of the skin especially the area around the eyes such as: almond oil.

  • Use of medical sunglasses to prevent damage from direct exposure to scorching sun.

  • Avoid smoking for long periods, causing eye redness and the appearance of dark circles

  • Apart from the frequent use of soap for the eye area as this area is very sensitive and may cause the dryness of the skin.

  • Place compresses of cold tea bags on the eye area to remove fatigue effects.

  • The need to wash the face with cold water to restore luster and shine of the eyes, and shrinkage of blood vessels.

  • Use cucumbers or cold potatoes after placing them in the refrigerator and the individual on the area of the eyes for 1/3 hours, with the need to completely relax the eye and reduce the stress.

  • Dip a piece of cotton with cold milk and place it on the eyes for 1/4 hours to reduce eye congestion and dryness and increase its shine and shine.


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