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learn about the importance of water to protect our health

importance of water

 importance of water to protect our health

Water in the body protects the body from many diseases, which is found in the body clearly and water is a high proportion in the

body as it enters many areas and that we use every day is not Gan water in

our lives and proved a study that can be not to eat for days, but decrease the water destroy health.

Let’s go to know the importance of water to protect your body:

1- Water supplies the body with energy and vitality and it is necessary to

drink about 6 to 8 cups daily

2- Drinking water affects the mood Drinking water improves the feeling of improvement,

but drinking water affects the body and mood negatively

3- Water kills poisons in the body and saves the body from the harmful

substances that exist in the place where through drinking water and after

digestion wandering water in our body as it passes through all our organs and

take toxins and exits the body in the form of pee or sweat

4- With enough water in the body to regulate the temperature of the body,

those who suffer from high temperatures or those who have a doctor’s

diet is advised to drink plenty of water to regulate the temperature

5- Water helps to get rid of impurities and wrinkles in the skin and helps

to reduce the shape of old age. Women who follow health always keep

drinking water until they get rid of the signs of aging

6- Helps to rid the body of dehydration as the metal that is found in water is

sufficient to protect against drought, especially in the summer, the body is

more susceptible to drought because the body loses many fluids through

sweating and frequent movement and high temperature.


Know the importance of water for people with problems in the kidney:

1-Water helps to break up kidney stones, as doctor’s advice to drink 2 liters of water a day.

2-The water helps to expel the toxins in the kidney and speed up the expulsion through the urine.

3- Water helps to reduce the incidence of asides of the kidney and this disease,

which leads to the deposition of harmful substances poisoned at the bottom as it helps water to get rid of these toxins and sediments.


Diseases that occur when drinking water is reduced in our body:

1- Kidney failure This is the most difficult type of disease because sweet is the best and optimal is a new kidney transplant from a donor.

2-It can cause kidney stones which cause numerous and the optimal fit is to be dissected by laser.

3- Total inflammation and bladder that causes severe pain in the lower back and when urinating and the difficulty of movement of the intensity of pain.


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