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The importance of sport to protect your body

The importance of sport to protect your body

The sport it’s very important to protect our body from many diseases,

must play an exercises at last one hour in a day,

because it’s give the body the energy and power and increase in happiness hormone,

especially if this exercises at the day.


Know the importance of the sport on the psychological level:

1-everyone want his body I a perfect shape, One of the things that makes a body harmonious is sport.

2- Sports is the only thing that we take advantage of leisure time and enjoy life and feel happy and optimistic.

3- exercise is one of the most helpful things to help people who suffer from depression and help them overcome this stage and kill their thoughts that they can hurt themselves.

4- Sports help us control our nerves and the tension we face every day.

5- Sports helps us to sleep in a healthy way and treats insomnia and helps to overcome the psychological imbalance and give a sense of hope and kill frustration.


What is the affection of sport to our body?

1- Make the shape of the body smaller than it is, as it reduces obesity and give self-confidence and make the person ahead of life.

2- Eliminates diseases of aging, Alzheimer’s, forgetfulness and lack of concentration.

3- Helps to remove harmful glands from the body and avoid many diseases.

4- The sport strengthens the immune system in the body, which helps the body more healthy without pain and disease and no complaint of pain.

5-Reduce bone and joint diseases such as rheumatism, rheumatism and osteoporosis.

6- Sports awakening on our body from chronic and serious diseases and protect the body from heart disease, diabetes, malignant cancer, heart attacks, stroke and heart attacks.

7- Make the body shape Harmonious and protect the body from obesity and fat that harm the body, which helps to reduce the proportion of cholesterol in the body and blood and make the blood free of toxins and diseases.


The important side you should focus on it the important of sport and its affection in our mind:

-One of the most important things to note is that sport is a basic thing in life and there is no person who practices sports, an unbalanced mind or some mental problems.

1- Sport activates the mind and increases intelligence.

2- Helps to activate memory and not forgetting because it helps to stimulate blood circulation in the brain.

3-Helps to focus on the study and you should note that the students who exercise more focused on the sport and those who did not practice, they leave all their negative energy in the movement, while the other did not come out of his energy, so he did not accept the study.

4- The sport helps in the strength of observation, speed and rhythm in things that can happen in moments, but the athlete observes them accurately and clearly.


One of the famous sayings is the proper mind in the healthy body and there is no sound body except in the presence of sport.


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