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know more about First aid rules for traffic accidents

A few minutes often separate life from death in serious traffic accidents,

so the German Red Cross doctor in Berlin, Peter Zeferin,

provides some important instructions and instructions to be taken into account when providing first aid to those injured in traffic accidents.

Resuscitation is the most important first aid procedure ever, and in case of loss of consciousness,

the paramedic must check that the patient can still breathe, by feeling the same on the skin,

and that the rib cage should be confirmed to rise and decrease.

If the injured person is not breathing, the paramedic should massage the heart by placing the hands on top of each other,

pressing them firmly on the chest and starting artificial respiration,

then rotating thirty times on the chest of the injured person, then perform twice artificial respiration or The nose.

The German doctor noted that there are some wounds that need not be healed,

and the paramedic should focus on where she bleeds heavily.

what can you do if you watch traffic accidents? 

The most common injuries in traffic accidents should be identified to develop guidelines

and methods to deal with them, including concussion, head injuries,

fractures of the arm and skull, burns, spinal cord injuries,

trauma while sitting and entering anything into his body, as well as bruises on the rib cage.

That the injuries of the abdomen and internal organs are prone to problems as a result of the accident and cause internal bleeding,

as there are psychological and social effects due to the accident when he is traumatized or the loss of a relative,

and each incident has a certain way of dealing, and in general must be dealing with the incident very carefully and not randomly.

How can you deal with traffic accidents?

The incident must be handled very carefully and not randomly and this requires the following steps:

Transporting the injured

The injured person must be moved out of the car so that he can breathe better,

and is carried by more than one person from all four sides so that it does not move his organs in the event of fractures.


The bleeding should be stopped anywhere in the body by tying the area from which the blood comes out with any cloth,

because leaving the bleeding as it may kill the injured person,

so care should be taken to stop the bleeding once and for all in any way,

and if the level of absorption in the injured person is present we make him take fluids to make up for the blood he missed and the dab i blood sugar level.

Breathing problem in traffic accidents

If the patient is unable to breathe normally or suffers from loss of breath,

respiratory procedures must be performed for him, and these need people trained to do so,

such as making a throat incision to breathe until the ambulance comes and does this role.

Covering and disinfecting the wound

In the case of superficial injuries the wound should be cleansed if disinfectants are available

or any substance containing antiseptic such as deodorants is available,

so that contamination of the wound does not occur,

and if the infected person is in pain he can be given analgesics if available.

Ambulance reporting

When speaking to the paramedic, he should be informed of the details of the cases resulting from the accident in order to be ready to deal with the injured,

if one of the injured is not breathing the paramedic prepares the oxygen device, as well as with the rest of the injuries.

finally if you have a traffic accident you should before that have a car insurance on your car.


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