How to be healthy

Healthy food systems to avoid diseases

Healthy food

Proper nutrition and its impact on health:

It is very necessary to protect our body from diseases,

the most important way to protect it by the healthy food,

To ensure the safety of the body and free of diseases and increase immunity,

each element or metal or vitamin enters the body is of great importance in the work of the body

and not exposed to the functions of the body and hormones imbalance Or diseases like:

osteoporosis, anemia, diabetes or certain types of acute infections.The importance food healthy food system:

Its help the cells and tissues to build by the write and compensation of damaged ones, healthy food help the body acquire the energy to move, control body temperature,

The body also needs various nutrients from minerals, proteins, For continuing to carry out its various vital processes.

 How can you arrange your healthy food?

 1- Do not put any restrictions or prohibitions in your daily diet, do not impose yourself healthy food and completely abstain from unhealthy foods; In turn, the amount of unhealthy foods should be gradually reduced and healthy food replaced until the body gets used to it.

 2-Keep your food varied by adding all the colors to one meal. Your daily diet includes vegetables, fruits, legumes and meats, so they will vary from one day to the next.

Fish will eat the day and the meat of the birds the next day and the meat of the livestock on the day that And so on for the rest of the food varieties, to ensure the body’s food diversity.

3- Eat in reasonable quantities, and do not exceed the need of the body, even if your food is completely healthy, any increase in the amount of this year from the need of the body will turn into fat deposited in the body and cause obesity,

we should not neglect the role of proper food in the maintenance of beauty, through Preserve the health of the skin and free of impurities and defects, and keep the hair healthy and help prolong it.

4- Look for healthy food While shopping, you can not eat too much unhealthy food if you do not have it, so be sure to reduce the quantity on the shopping list, and look for healthy food available.

The importance of walking to protect our body:

 Walking is a good way to maintain public health. Working half an hour of walking each day increases physical fitness, cardiovascular health, strengthening bones, reducing excess body fat, strengthening muscle strength, endurance, and reducing the risk of injury. With heart disease walk at any time during the day, and at a pace that is preferred.

 You can protect your body by sleeping:

  Sleep is one of the most important things in maintaining public health. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation is associated with many diseases, including obesity and heart disease.

Sleep must be taken care of for good times, and the quality of sleep is good.

If a person does not sleep properly consult your doctor, where there are many health problems that may affect sleep, such as take a nape

and there are some things that help to sleep well, including the following:

1- Avoid drinking coffee late in the day.

2-Try to sleep and wake up at the same time every day.

3- Lighting before hours of sleep.4- Sleep in total darkness.


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