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How to avoid diabetes

 avoid diabetes

Diabetes is an increase in blood sugar because of the inability of glucose to move to cells

for some of the reasons we will mention later – to supply the energy needed and therefore increase in blood, and responsible for the regulation of sugar in

the blood is insulin and any imbalance in production Causes diabetes.

What are the complications that result from diabetes: –

can result in many serious complications such as delayed healing of wounds and burns.

to avoid diabetes we  advised that people with blood sugar should avoid as much as possible from the various injuries because the process of delaying wound healing may cause gangrene disease and can lead to the cutting of the affected organ.  also affects the nerves and eye injury.

  Causes of diabetes:

1-Genetic factors have a significant role in the proportion of infection or increase the likelihood of infection, the more people in the family who have blood sugar,

the proportion of family members are greater than others.

2-Excessive tension, anxiety and nervousness all increase the chances of infection.

3-Weight gain and obesity help to weaken the pancreas. Eating large amounts of high-fat, high-fat, high-fat meals also increases

the weight of the body and increases the amount of sugars that exceed the amount of insulin excreted.

 How to avoid diabetes:

  1-Eat a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruits and avoid eating snacks and high calorie meals and fat, and should reduce the intake of high sugar sweets.

2- Leave smoking and stay away from places where smokers gather for not inhaling the smell of harmful smoke.

3-Try to relax and stay away from excess nerve.

4-Exercise to stimulate blood circulation on the one hand, and on the other to get rid of excess weight and obesity.

 Symptoms of diabetes: 

1-Frequent urination, especially in the night.

 2-Fungal infection or feeling of itching in the genital area.

3-Feeling of constant thirst.

 4-Feeling tired and tired more than usual.

 5-Slow wound healing, the need for a long time to heal.

 6-Blurred vision.

9 ways to prevent diabetes:

1-You should reduce the intake of foods containing sugar and refined carbohydrates, where the body breaks these foods into small particles of sugar, and absorbed in the bloodstream,

leading to high blood sugar and stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin,

a hormone helps sugar on Out of the bloodstream and into the cells of the body.

2-You should exercise regularly to help regulate blood sugar levels.

3-Take care to drink plenty of water while avoiding high-sugar drinks,

preservatives and other doubtful ingredients, which increase the risk of blood sugar.

4-Take care to lose excess weight from your body.

5-Smoking should be stopped, which causes serious diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Scientific studies have found that smoking and indirect negative smoking are causes of blood sugar

6-Follow a diet that contains a high percentage of dietary fiber,

which helps to improve digestion and prevention of weight gain, and maintain the level of sugar in the blood.

7-The importance of improving the levels of vitamin D in the body, where one study found that people who do not get enough vitamin D, or low blood levels, more likely to have it.

8-Reduce the intake of processed foods, as one study indicated that reducing the intake of canned foods helps reduce the risk of blood sugar.

9-Drinking coffee or tea, where research has indicated that drinking coffee or tea within the human diet helps to avoid blood sugar.


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