How to be healthy

Let’s go to know the importance of healthy food

importance of healthy food

    Healthy food not for lose the weight. A lot of people think that is just to lose the weight but in fact there were a lot of healthy food has a lot of calories such as: dates, cereal bars, vitamin water, hummus, nuts and avocado.

 not just to lose the weight it is for our body and protects it from a lot of diseases.

 Why should we make healthy food choices?

Our body need to supply loses by eating healthy food; put small comparing between your body and your car.

Your car need to gas, if you put the right fuel into your car,

it will spring to life smoothly for many years, but if you put a sugar,

it’s going to ruin your car. Then your care and your body are very much alike.

They have a good health and performance with a right kind of fuel.

 How can you put protect your healthy by put to yourself healthy life style?

Your choice is affect in your life when you get everyday to take your breakfast,

your decision that to eat like a slice of pie and think if it will affect on my day and my power or it doesn’t make any affect.

Choose wisely, in all your decision you will soon find that feeling translates into a longer, enjoyable in your life.

Every morning you can eat apple, banana, any type of fruits and vegetables its will make you have a good healthy.

 Healthy food for and aging its affection.

You can do small substitutions in big difference by choice

the healthy food to get successful healthy aging.

The intelligence when you can choose the healthy food to protect yourself from losing or acquire your weight.

 How can you make your kid like a healthy food simply?

Parents face difficulty persuading them to eat a healthy food. The situation varies from one child to another. Some children pick up their supplies from school and some from home and the situation is harder for working parents, they are good at having time to sit with their children to feed them what is useful.

They must start with them by things they may love like things have sugary taste like:

 Sweet potato is the most food the kids and children like it and it is one of the important healthy food.

You can prepare it by different ways to not make them bored from it.

Yogurt helps to keep the little stomachs. It is best to choose

the yogurt that has low fats and put one spoon of honey or a fresh fruits

to change the taste to make the children like it.

Yogurt provides more calcium comparing with milk.

Mango we know all children like to eat mango it is a rich source of vitamin C and strengthens

their immunity and helps to keep their gums and teeth healthy.


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