How to be healthy

The ways to protect your body

The ways to protect your body

Our bodies are safe in our hands. We must protect them from anything that puts them at risk. We must know the proper ways to keep them from suffering from trouble and damage.

Lets know now the most things that damage our body:

1-the smoking.

2-lack of sleep.

3-lack of drinking water.

It is time to talk about each topic on its own: 

The smoking:-

We must maintain our body and keep away from everything harmful and cause trouble and damage and the most important things that we must move away from is smoking.

 -Smoking causes many diseases that are difficult to get rid of, such as cancer, diabetes, pulmonary fibrosis, difficulty in breathing, high blood pressure, chronic headaches, and discomfort.

Smoking affects the nervous system:- 

-Nicotine is one of the most harmful things, as when inhaled nicotine up to the brain in a quick way that it arrives after a few seconds, And play more on the tension of the body and change the mood of deflating and turning to nervous and tense.

Effect of smoking on the respiratory system:-

 -When the inhalation of smoke quickly enters the lung and enter the toxins that are present with him as the cough can get rid of these toxins, but not all.

 Effect of smoking on blood vessels:-

 – As it increases the proportion of harmful cholesterol in the blood, which causes increased body fat and causes heart attacks and clots of blood.

The Sleeping:

 1-Sleep helps to strengthen memory, helps sleep to focus, which helps to create.

 2- Increases the immunity of the body as it during sleep helps to strengthen the immune system.

3- Sleep helps to reduce the thinness and get a harmonious body.

 4- Regulates the rate of diabetes in the blood.

 5- Provides the body with energy and helps ease of movement and comfort.

Drinking water: 

-It is very important to drink water to keep our body from getting any damage or disease, it is very important to be careful to drink water at the rate of 6 cups a day.

 -keep weight and get rid of excess weight as it works to burn fat.

-Drinking water helps reduce joint pain and get rid of roughness.

 – Helps to clean the mouth and moisturize and protects against tooth decay if the water rate is normal.

 – It protects against dehydration, allergies and asthma.

 -Helps the body get rid of the harmful things that exist in our bodies by urinating.

-Helps to perform bowel movements properly and regularly and protect the digestive system from damage.


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