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Heart Attack Signs, Complications and Treatment

Heart attack is more than a word that might panic lots of people; it is more likely a huge threat.Moreover, alcoholic people or smokers are at risk.

Patients with Diabetes are in risk of going through this hurdle as well.

Heart Attack

Heart attack’s most common cause is plaque buildup in the arteries (Atherosclerosis).

Atherosclerosis is a narrowing of the arteries caused by a buildup plaque.

Arteries are the most crucial parts inside the human body as they are the vessels that carry Oxygen from your heart to the rest of the body.

Heart attacks might happen as a result of blood clots or a torn vessel as well.


Heart Attack
Heart Attack

• Chest pain
• Sweating
• Lightheadedness or Dizziness
• Nausea
• Fatigue

Risk Factors

There are a lot of factors that might put you at risk of getting a heart attack.

One of these factors is Age in which it plays a critical role in this medical condition if you are 65 or more.

Another Crucial factor is family history whether you have a family history of obesity, diabetes or even heart attacks you are at total risk.

Men commonly have heart attacks more than women, and Africans are the ones to be more at risk when it comes to heart attacks.

There are so many risk factors that can change if the patient treated them well.

These factors may include Smoking, drinking alcohol, lack of exercise, unhealthy diets and high cholesterol.

If the patient modified these risk factors like smoking, alcohol… he/ she can be at an average risk than before.


If your diagnosis showed a possibility of having this heart disease, you should go through an urgent check.

Therefore, the doctor will probably conduct an ECG (Electrocardiogram) to check your heart’s electrical activity.

In addition, he will ask for some blood samples and other test to check if there is heart muscle damage.


The doctor will immediately order a cardiac catheterization in order to view the plaque.

It is a surgical instrument that is inserted in your blood vessels through a tube (Catheter).

He might put a dye through the catheter to take an x-ray in order to see if there are any blockages.

You might also have a surgical procedure in order to relieve pain and prevent any possible heart attacks.


Your doctor will also prescribe some medications to help ease the pain and treat your heart attack like:


• Aspirin

Heart Attack
Heart Attack

• Drugs to breakup clots
• Painkillers
• Some blood pressure medications


Severe complications might happen to a heart attack patient as it disrupts heart’s normal rhythms (Arrhythmias).

Arrhythmia is a disorder that makes you feel like your heart is racing as it might be beating too fast than usual.

Some other complications may lead to heart failure if the heart stops getting blood during the heart attack.

This procedure weakens the heart colossally and you will be likely to have a heart failure afterwards.

What really determines the effect of the heart attack on your body is the treatment you take.

Time is also important and the damage the heart attack caused plays a critical role when it comes to the value of your heart.

Thus, it is really crucial to take good care of your health in order to prevent any possible dysfunction.


In order to prevent any possible heart attack, you should immediately quit any unhealthy habits.

One of the disastrous habits that you should consider to quit is smoking.

It affects your lugs going through your heart causing severe problems to your health.

As for Diabetes’ patients, they should check their blood glucose levels regularly and take their prescribed medication.

Heart conditions are serious and can lead to severe problems, therefore you should regularly check with your doctor.

Moreover, there are a lot of people dying from heart attacks or heart failures, for instance Lukas Forchhammer‘s father at the age of 61.




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