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McDonald’s Canada: a new Plant Based Burger

McDonald’s Canada released a new Beyond Meat patty that is inexplicably not for Vegetarians nor vegans.

This shocking news made the crowed criticize it.

The thing about this new product that made the crowed angry is that it is made on the same grill as animal products.

Most of the people now are turning to be whether vegetarian or vegan.

Therefore, companies are offering vegetarian or vegan alternatives.

However, the new McDonald’s product is oddly not suitable for either both of the two types, which was obviously a gullible mistake from the company.

McDonald’s Canada

McDonald’s Canada has been one of the most popular restaurant in Canada regarding its 1,400 locations all around the country.

McDonald’s was previously Canada’s largest food service operator before Tim Hortons overtook it in 2005.

In addition, they use both English and French slogans, which are “i’m lovin’ it” English and “c’est ça que j’m” in French.

Vegetarians and Vegans

Vegetarians are the people who avoid eating animal products, but consume dairy and egg products.

On the other hand, Vegans are the ones who avoid eating all animals’ products as well as animal-derived products.

The thing that both types have in common is that they avoid consuming animal products.

People always strive to try new healthy lifestyles, therefore most of these people went to these types of diets.

PLT burger in Canada

McDonald’s Canada now released a new PLT burger (Plant Lettuce Tomato).

This PLT burger consists of Beyond Meat patty, sesame seed bun, lettuce, tomato.

It also has pickles, onions, mayo-style sauce, ketchup, mustard and a slice of cheddar cheese.

Furthermore, it cannot be a vegan burger as it includes mayo, which is made from eggs and cheese, which is a dairy product.

Additionally, the fast-food chain revealed that they make the product on the same grills as animal products.

Therefore, Vegetarians cannot even consume it, which made it funny to call it plant-based after all.

On the contrary, McDonald’s biggest rival BurgerKing has released that they have now an ultra-vegan product.

They also said that they have separate frying pans for this particular product

Moreover, that will be great for both Vegetarians and vegans.




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