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How to get rid of body toxins  

How to get rid of body


Toxins are scattered around us everywhere, and the human body is exposed to toxins,

they are present in the air around us and in the food, water and products we use daily.

Humans are more likely to be infected with toxins, often with fatigue, fatigue, digestive problems, skin and hair, or a defect in a body organ and headache.

All of these diseases are caused by toxins in the body

How to rid the body of toxins?

Method 1: Detox

This Short-term detox includes three different dietary fevers

Fruit Diet:

This diet depends on eating fruits only for 7 days

while taking care to eat enough to give the necessary energy to the body

and the types of these fruits’ lemon, oranges and blueberries containing vitamin C and juices where helps prevent strokes and expel toxins from the body effectively fruit must be eaten only for 7 days until

the toxins are expelled from the body and permanently from the body when they contain the cleaning properties.

Diet Fluids :

This diet is for 3 days only and the diet of liquids depend on the intake of liquids only for 3 days such as:

green tea and juices vegetables and fruits such as pineapple, oranges, apples,

and vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, parsley and celery in the form of juice

and many others this diet is also useful in expelling body toxin sand weight loss.

 Fruit and vegetable diets:

This diet is based on fruits and vegetables that contain fibers such as beans,

legumes, peas, soy beans and leafy vegetables.

Method 2:

Long-term detox:

It is a diet that should be followed daily and used, and it is handy to expel toxins from the body.

 First: Drink water

Drinking water is very necessary with humans.

It is an essential element to expel toxins from the body and helps clean the kidneys and liver

and activate their functions you should drink 2 liters of water a day.

 Second: Eat organic meat and vegetables:

Eating vegetables, and organic meat that does not

put chemical fertilizer or animal that has not been injected with growth hormones Organic vegetables can be grown in your home easily.

 Third: avoid sugar and salt

Not to overeat salt and sugar because it has a negative effect on the health of the body it is called white toxins

Fourth: Keep away from soft drinks

soft drinks cause osteoporosis and give the body empty calories should be completely away from them

and replace them with juices useful for the bones.

 Fifth: Keep away from places filled with poisonous gases

  Stay away from places filled with toxic gases and exhaust

Carson approach industrial sites filled with poisonous gases Stay away from smoking and exercise

Keeping away from smoking and exercising has a positive effect in detoxifying the body from harmful toxins,

and stimulating blood circulation.


Our bodies are exposed daily to many kinds of toxins that surround us as a result of environmental pollution

and bad habits such as smoking and drinking harmful drinks but others body of the body

that releases these toxins naturally exists, but you can support

the vital processes within the body’s organs by providing the necessary nutrients,

keeping away from sources of pollution as much as possible and keeping the body moisturized.


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