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Keto diet what to Eat and Side Effects

Keto diet what to eat; most people that want to be a little bit in shape have craved that kind of meal plan, In order to be in great shape.

Moreover, you should stick to a healthy diet, which is what we will tackle in this article.

Keto diet what to eat

Kinds of foods included in the meal plan

1) Seafood

There is various kind of foods that you can eat in this particular meal plan that will satisfy you as well as be in great help.

First, People that love Seafood will be satisfied with this news as Seafood is very keto-friendly.

Some people; however, think all kinds of Seafood will be in great help in this kind of meal plan.

On the other hand, some fish are not appropriate or keto-friendly like most types of shellfish.

Although, shrimp and most crabs are most likely to be keto-friendly as they contain no carb at all.

2) Low-carb vegetables

Non- starchy vegetables are very low in carbs, although they are high in many nutrients including Vitamin C.

However, consuming one of the starchy veggies like potatoes might make you exceed your daily carb limit.

As for the non-starchy vegetables, their carb count ranges from less than 1 gram to almost eight grams.

Moreover, this carb count varies according to the kind of veggies and how it is done.

Vegetables contain antioxidants that protect you from free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can damage your cells.

3) Eggs

Eggs are considered one of the healthiest foods on Earth.

Therefore, one egg can contain much more protein rather than carbs.

Moreover, it contains less than 1 gram of carbs as well as about 6 grams of protein, which makes eggs absolutely keto-friendly.

Thus, it is important to eat the whole egg in order to get the most out of it, keeping the blood sugar levels stable.

Other Useful foods

1) Greek Yogurt and Cottage Cheese

Greek Yogurt and cottage cheese are healthy foods, which contain high-protein.

They also contain some carbs; however, they can be included in your low-carb diet.

Therefore, if you love eating those kinds of foods, have no worries s they are included in your diet.

In addition, they have been shown to help you feel full and limit your appetite.

2) Olive Oil

Olive oil is proven to be healthy whether in the keto meal plan or if you use it on a regular basis.

Some doctors say that it is crucial as it helps decrease heart disease risk factors because of its high oleic acid.

Olive oil is a pure source of fat that has no carb therefore; feel free to use it as a salad dressing.

3) Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are high fat, yet low-carb kind of foods.

Therefore, they are healthy and you can take them, but in certain amounts.

Besides, some of these carbs included in these nuts and seeds vary according to the different types of them.

Here are some of the carb amounts in each type of these seeds:

1) Almonds: 3 grams net carbs (6 grams total carbs)
2) Brazil nuts: 1 gram net carbs (3 grams total carbs)
3) Cashews: 8 grams net carbs (9 grams total carbs)
4) Walnuts: 2 grams net carbs (4 grams total carbs)
5) Flaxseeds: 0 grams net carbs (8 grams total carbs)
6) Pumpkin seeds: 4 grams net carbs (5 grams total carbs)
7) Sesame seeds: 3 grams net carbs (7 grams total carbs)

Side Effects

Keto diet what to eat
Keto diet what to eat


Keto diet what to eat; was not just the concern of people, although they also are concerned about the side effects.

As for every meal plan, Keto has its side effects as well, including Keto Flu.

Keto Flu happens when you start the keto meal plan as your body burn ketones for energy instead of glucose.

Once your body is in ketosis, the diet works; however, you may not feel well at first.

It might happen for some people to have acute kidney injury due to the lack of some electrolytes such as sodium and magnesium.

Therefore, before heading to keto diet, make sure you settle things with your doctor first.

A healthy life might be confusing unless you search well and have medical assistance in order to achieve your goal without complications.





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