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Beating Human Heart tissue from stem cells

Beating Human heart tissues are extremely the most important thing on the planet.

Moreover, Scientists are putting many efforts to understand them.

However, Scientists are now closer to having a full-grown heart from stem cells.

What are Stem Cells?

Beating Human heart
Beating Human heart

Stem cells are the ones, which can develop into many different types of cells inside the human body.

They are more likely to be the repair system for the body.

Therefore, scientists are eager about them as they can make it to an official discovery.

Stem cells are important as they can divide and renew themselves, and they can develop to be functioning cells

These functioning Cells are like muscle cells and brain cells.

Studying and observing these cells might give doctors and scientists an opportunity to know how cancer cells reform.

Human Heart Tissues

Heart tissues are the wall of the human beating heart, therefore this beating heart is made up of 3 layers.

These layers are Endocardium, Myocardium, and Epicardium, which are the most important tissues of the  heart.

Moreover, these tissues are what make your heart living as they are all connected with the same cells, making it beat.

In addition, every layer of these tissues has its own function.

Moreover, the Endocardium layer is the one that contains the fiber of the heart’s impulse-conduction system.

Besides, Myocardium is the one that is responsible for pumping blood.

Epicardium is the one that connects the heart tissues together as it is the outer layer of the heart.

Beating Human Heart tissue Using Stem Cells

Scientists unexpectedly reveal that they have grown a beating human heart tissue from stem cells.

Moreover, this came out as shocking news to the public as it will undoubtedly help develop new medicines for heart conditions like heart attacks.

Thomas Eschenhagen and his colleagues in the university medical center in Germany have been in research since 2011.

They built heart cells based on chicken and rats; however, they were working on human stem cells since 2011.

In some recent study, this team illustrated and published how they managed to print a 3D heart tissue.

This beating human heart tissue looks like the actual ones in your heart and even responds to drugs the same the natural one does.

Therefore, this magnificent discovery will lead to a handful of helpful ways to treat heart diseases in the future.





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