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Businessman’s special the slang term for DMT

Businessman’s special (DMT) is a drug that causes hallucinations and can be found in so many plants.

Businessman’s special is another slang term for DMT.

DMT (N, N-Dimethultryptamine) is considered one of the most disastrous drugs that ever existed.

The drug is much common between the youngsters as they give them what they need the most, yet still too dangerous.

Businessman’s special produces intense visuals as well as an auditory hallucinogenic experience.

Facts on Businessman’s special (DMT)

DMT has been known for almost thousands of years, moreover, due to the nature of the drug, it is known as “Spirit molecule.”

In South Africa, the drug is used as part of some ritual, which indicates that it has history from long ago.

Moreover, Businessman’s special (DMT) is a white crystalline powder that might be found in some plants.

Moreover, these plants can found in Mexico, South America, and some parts of Asia.

Consumers can consume the drug in many ways such as:

1) They can smoke it through a pipe.

2) It can be consumed orally in brews.

3) Besides, consumers might inject or snort it as well.

The effects of the drug take place after 45 minutes max. However, its peak mostly starts after 3 hours max.

In addition, these hallucinogenic effects are resolved in 6 hours max.

DMT has also some street names and is used amongst dealers and consumers.

These names include:

1) Dimitri

2) Businessman’s trip

3) Businessman’s special

4) Forty-five-minutes psychosis


Side effects of Businessman’s special DMT

Businessman's special
Businessman’s special

DMT or businessman’s special has much of a psychological effect, which includes intense visuals and auditory hallucinations.

Many consumers describe how life-changing the experience is, some of them even describe visiting other worlds.

Additionally, others claimed to talk with some entities, commonly known as ‘DMT elves.”

Moreover, there are pills, which contain DMT, the blue elephant pills, given their blue appearance and the Indian elephant tattoo on the surface.

Moreover, when taking them or consuming DMT by any other mean you will ultimately describe the hallucinations as otherworldly.

additionally, some people might also describe it as a near-death experience.

Businessman’s special has lots of side effects that might include:

1) Increased heart rate.

2) Increased blood pressure.

3) Agitation.

4) Dizziness.

5) Dilated pupils.

6) Chest pain.

7) Nausea.

8) Vomiting.

9) Diarrhea.

However, it depends on the consumer, whether the experience is exciting or overwhelming.

DMT Risks

Businessman’s special (DMT) is more dangerous, especially to patients taking antidepressants.

However, it can, unfortunately, cause serotonin syndrome, as it is associated with the neurotransmitter serotonin.

Higher amounts of serotonin in the body can cause:

1) High blood pressure.

2) Agitation.

3) Confusion.

4) Headache.

Moreover, other risk factors of this drug might be in forms of seizures and coma.

DMT also can cause some serious psychological problems like schizophrenia.

It cannot be a form of addiction; however, some consumers might develop a psychological craving for it.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) suggests that, unlike other hallucinogens, DMT use does not seem to induce tolerance of the drug.

However, the drug might be not addictive, but it has serious health risks along with the hallucinations.





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