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Types of colon and treatment methods

Types of colon and treatment methods

The colon is a large intestine and starts from the rectum to the anus.

Also The colon is divided into 4 sections,

and they are the ascending colon which is located in the right part of the abdomen,

transverse colon which is situated in the middle of the abdomen,

also the descending colon is located in the left part of the abdomen,

and the sigmoid colon and the located before the rectum.

All colon sections are installed except transverse colon and sigmoid colon.

Colon function helps in the digestion process as it helps in the manufacture of stools by

pulling water,

salts and some nutrients.

Firstly, Types of colon disease

The colon is divided into a lot of species, including irritable colitis, ulcerative colitis,

Amebic colitis, and mucosal colitis.

     1-  Irritable colon:

Irritable Bowel syndrome is one of the most common types of colon,

as it affects many people, especially women.

It is a disturbance in the large intestine or it functions abnormally than usual.

Firstly, Irritable Bowel Symptoms

– Cramp and swelling of the abdomen leading to a feeling of acute pain.

– Feeling diarrhoea or constipation or both.

Many gases.

– Inability to sleep because of pain.

Secondly, Causes of irritable bowel syndrome

– Emotional stress and anxiety are the most things that can lead to irritable bowel


– Eating foods that contain fats or legumes.

– Smoking and eating a lot of alarms.

     2- Ulcerative colitis

As The Ulcerative colitis is the result of attacking the viruses and bacteria of the body and the

immune system isdoing defend,

also causing inflammation and ulcers in the inner lining of the colostomy.

Firstly, Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms

– The feeling of acute pain in the rectum area and the attendant bleeding.

– Feeling pain in the left part of the colon.

-Also Losing weight and not wanting to eat.

Secondly, Causes of Ulcerative Colitis

– Intake of many antibiotics that are lead to ulcerative colitis.

– Hereditary factors where the disease can be transmitted from parents if they are


 3- Amebic Colon

Amebic Colon is a parasite called amoeba that enters the human body by means of

beverages and contaminated foods,

  also is especially prevalent in developing countries that cannot differentiate between

clean water and contaminated water.

Firstly, Amoebic Colon Symptoms

– Pain in the abdomen, especially in the anus.

– High body temperature.

– Continuous diarrhoea and the presence of many gases.

Secondly, Causes of Amoebic Colitis

Amoebic infections are transmitted by contact with the stool and then eat food without

hand washing.

  4- The mucous colon

The mucous colon is a disorder in the gastrointestinal tract,

and in the bowel movement leading to mucosal injury and accompanied by haemorrhage

or pus.

Firstly, Mucous colon Symptoms

– Feeling severe abdominal pain with bulge.

– Diarrhoea with rotation constipation.

– Excess mucus with stool.

Secondly, Causes of mucous colon

– Psychological disorders.

– Eat hot foods and legumes.

– Smoking, alcohol and stimulants.

– Colon lining inflammation.

Secondly, Methods of treatment of colon disease

There are many ways you can be follow to reduce colon problems and control in

bloating like:

– Firstly, Avoid foods that are lead to colon infection such as fibre, legumes, and foods added to

industrial materials,

and also stay away from soft drinks because they work to increase the gases and swelling of

the stomach.

-Secondly, Take medications and antibiotics that reduce bloating and help soothe the colon.

– Drink hot beverages like mint because it works to temporarily soothe the stomach, but

too much intake can lead to heartburn stomach.

Also If the medications don’t work, we are requiring the Surgery .

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