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Child Abuse Types, Causes and Treatment

Child abuse is a terrible epidemic that the whole world tries to put an end to.

Moreover, millions of children get abused every day.

It can be in a form of sexual, verbal, or physical harm and is considered one of the major issues that concern the world.

What is Child Abuse?

It is when a caregiver makes an action that might harm the child by any mean such as injuries, deaths, or emotional harm.

Furthermore, these acts are not necessarily one time actions, but the doer will undoubtedly continue to cause harm.

They do not care about the effects that might apply on the child as they only care to have their needs satisfied.

Moreover, some of them are experiencing mental problems that they imply them of the weaker recipient as fulfillment of what they crave.

Most of the time the only crave they have is to be obeyed under any condition.

Apart from this, there are many forms of child abuse that we are going to tackle today in this article.

Types of Child Abuse

1) Physical abuse

It is when a caregiver causes any sort of physical injuries to the child intentionally.

Moreover, more than 28% of adults reported that they experienced physical abuse as children.

There are signs of physical abuse that include kicking, biting, hair pulling, choking or any other violent act that cause harm to a child.

2) Sexual abuse

In this type, the child is being used for sexual purposes that might be for the performer’s sexual excitement.

Moreover, this kind of abuse might include making a child view a sex act, and revealing sex organs to him/her.

In addition, making a child perform sexual acts or even engage in inappropriate sexual talks are sexual abuse acts.

Moreover, there are many signs of these kinds of acts such as difficulties in sitting or walking and bleeding.

Furthermore, more than 20% of adults reported that they experienced sexual abuse as children.

3) Emotional abuse

This type of abuse is when a parent does harm to the mental development process of a child.

Moreover, it causes severe emotional harm or damage over time.

Emotional abuse may include ignorance, humiliating, or blaming.

Apart from this, there are signs for sexual abuse that might involve speech disorders and delays in development.

Causes and Risk Factors

Social or relational factors can easily contribute to any kind of abuse as a result.

Therefore, these risk factors are contributing factors not direct cause.

Moreover, these contributing factors might include:

1) Social isolation of families

2) Parents’ lack of understanding of children’s needs and child development

3) Parents’ history of domestic abuse

4) Poverty and other socioeconomic disadvantages, such as unemployment

5) Family disorganization, dissolution, and violence, including intimate partner violence

6) Lack of family cohesion

7) Substance abuse in the family

8) Poor parent-child relationships and negative interactions

9) Parental thoughts and emotions supporting maltreatment behaviors

10) Parental stress and distress, including depression or other mental health conditions


You should report any suspicion regarding any kind of child abuse to Pediatrician or a local child protective agency.

Moreover, treatment is usually delivered in a form of therapy to ensure that the child is fully recovered.

However, it is not easy to recover from such abuse, but getting help when You suspect it is the first step towards recovery.





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