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Alzheimer’s Community: Biogen’s New Drug gives us Hope

Alzheimer’s Community is expressing hope for the news on the new Alzheimer drug.

Therefore, it will be outstanding when approved.

Moreover, Biogen announced that it will ask for FDA approval for its new drug aducanumab.

Furthermore, the drug is for treating Alzheimer’s disease and it showed a new hope in slowing down the process in the brain.

Alzheimer’s Community: How it works

Alzheimer’s Community is still processing the great news about what the drug can do.

They said that it could slow down the plaque buildup on the brain, which is promising.

Scientists believe that plague buildup on the brain is the key factor in the slow down and eventual loss of brain function.

Therefore, Aducanumab, when given in a high-dose monthly infusion, slows down the process.

Besides, Biogen said that they found a 23% less decline in one thinking skills measure and smaller in other ones.

Additionally, they are planning to provide us more information in a press conference planned for December.

Dr. Gayarti Devi, a neurologist, and psychiatrist at Northwell Health, New York who is a specialist in memory disorders says it could really work.

However, she warns that it needs more study and work in order to be fully effective on a broad spectrum of people.

Aducanumab, the New Hope

The community, however, they do not have plenty of information, they are feeling cheerful.

Moreover, people are feeling hopeful for the progress as that will open up new ways of finding an acute cure.

There were many trials before the revelation of the new drug.

More than 3,000 people took part in these trials for the drug until now.

However, there are more needed for more upcoming trials, as there are more trials in their plan.

Moreover, people are getting hope and they are in need of the official approval of the drug.

Biogen is planning to release the drug to those who participated in their trials as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the drug could work for those who are in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, slowing down memory loss.

However, it might be a great chance for scientists to work harder on producing an effective drug for all.





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