Drug abuse and addiction

Bath Salts Effects on the Human Mind

Bath salts’ effects might vary from person to another depending on the dose.

Moreover, it can be catastrophic at some points.

What are Bath Salts?

Bath salts are the common name for Synthetic cathinone products, which have mind-altering ingredients.

Therefore, they are not a product for regular bathing; however, they are one of the most dangerous drugs.

Moreover, these mind-altering drugs are fierce central nervous system stimulants.

Furthermore, they can cause severe problems in the human brain.

These stimulants are mostly sold on the street instead of other stimulants like cocaine.

Moreover, the most common ingredient is methylenedixoyprovalerone (MDPV).

However, there might be other stimulants like mephedrone and pyrovalerone.

How do people use them?

People usually use these bath salts whether by injection, smoking them, or simply swallowing.

The great risk is in overdosing, as bath salts side effects can be variable as a result of the drug’s illegal nature.

It has a rapid absorption with a peak rush at 1.5 hours if ingested orally.

Besides, the effect lasts from three to four hours before the hard crash.

However, snorting or injecting the drug can be disastrous.

Moreover, the whole experience might take more than eight hours.

Bath Salts Effects on the Mind

Bath salts’ effects on the human mind are colossal and might be life-threatening to some addicts.

Moreover, these effects might include:

1) Uncontrollable craving for the drug.

2) Insomnia.

3) Nightmares.

4) Depression.

5) Severe agitation.

6) Hallucinations and delusions.

7) Self-harm.

8) Suicidal thoughts or suicide.

9) Psychosis.

Effects on the human body

There are severe problems that might happen to the bath salts addict that might be critical at some points.

Furthermore, some of these effects might include:

1) Skin-crawling sensation.

2) In addition, excessive sweating.

3) High fever.

4) Loss of appetite.

5) Besides, Sexual dysfunction.

6) Nosebleed and “nose burns”.

7) Pain at the back of the mouth.

8) Ringing or buzzing in the ears.

9) Excessive grinding of teeth.

However, many side effects might be more catastrophic like rapid heart rate, chest pain, and high blood pressure.

Are Bath salts legal?

In 2011, the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) announced an emergency scheduling to control MDPV.

Moreover, President Barack Obama in 2012 signed a law in order to ban MDVP.

Furthermore, placing it on Schedule 1 controlled substances.

Additionally, These Schedule 1 controlled substances cannot be sold or prescribed under any circumstances.

In addition, the ban included any future compounds that are for mimicking the effects of bath salts.

Thus, selling these chemicals or any item that might include them is illegal in the US.

Are they addictive?

Doctors say that bath salts have powerful addictive potential and addicts might develop cravings higher equivalents.

Moreover, if any of the withdrawal symptoms were apparent, report professional ASAP.

Withdrawal symptoms might include:

a) Depression

b) Anxiety

c) Tremors

d) Problems sleeping

e) Paranoia

Furthermore, addicts might experience other severe problems that can really be aching.

Therefore, seeing a doctor is the best advice to avoid being at risk of any of them.





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