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Physical Activity Can Improve your Mental Health

Physical activity has proven to help improving mental health.

In addition, it can help in decreasing the risk for diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Physical activity and one’s mental health

Scientists have proven that there is a connection between one’s physical activity and his/her mental health.

Moreover, they enrolled 54 adults with bipolar disorder, which includes episodes of depression to test their theory.

Besides, they enrolled 91 with depressive disorders along with 97 with no history of mood disorders.

Furthermore, after two weeks of monitoring their physical activities, they found out major improvements in their moods.

Moreover, people with higher levels of mood disorders were the best to adapt to these daily changes in their lives.

What is depression?

Depression is a severe mental illness that forces the patient into negative thoughts and feelings that might lead to serious problems.

Moreover, it causes feelings of despair and can lead to emotional and physical problems if not treated well.

However, it has so many other symptoms that include:

1) Feeling sad or depressed.

2) Loss of interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed.

3) Changes in appetite — weight loss or gain.

4) Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much.

5) Loss of energy or increased fatigue.

6) Feeling worthless or guilty.

7) Difficulty thinking, concentrating or making decisions.

8) Thoughts of death or suicide.

Moreover, these symptoms can least for at least two weeks for the patient to be diagnosed with depression.

Being energetic is almost a cure for everything, as doctors and psychologists always advise patients to be more active.

Therefore, any physical activity will undoubtedly reflect on one’s mind state as it will make their blood cycle more active.

In addition, when doing sports or any kind of activity your body’s stability improve over time.

Moreover, having mental stability will now not be only with medicine, yet it will have a sportive side as well.

Depression now is considered one of the leading disorders that might lead to other severe problems.

Thus, by sticking to a physical activity plan, you will decrease the risk of going through it as well as improving your mental health.





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