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Obesity in Children symptoms, risk factors, and prevention

Obesity in Children might be an overwhelming problem for many people.

Therefore, it is the concern of the whole world, especially the new mommies.

What is Obesity in Children?

Obesity in Children is a serious medical condition that reflects on children’s physical activity.

Moreover, the word obesity means that they are above the normal of their weight for their age.

Not only, does this problem reflect on their activity, but also their health and lead to critical problems.

Therefore, these problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure might stand in their way of living a healthy life.

Furthermore, Obesity in Children might also decrease their self-esteem and lead to depression.

However, these problems can be avoided by sticking to a healthy diet as well as increasing physical activity.

Obesity Risk Factors

Eating habits play a great role in forming a child’s lifestyle.

Therefore, sticking to unhealthy diets might be one of the great contributors to childhood obesity.

Moreover, if you want your child to be healthier, then you should consider eating healthy as well as doing sports.

Furthermore, many risk factors may lead to severe problems in your children’s health.

Some of these risk factors include:

1) Diet.

Bad eating habits such as fast food as well as desserts and sugary drinks are the main factor in gaining weight.

Therefore, if you want your child to be healthy, you should let him avoid consuming too much of them.

2) Lack of exercise.

Exercise is the thing that makes everyone’s life a healthier one.

Moreover, making your kid exercise regularly will reflect positively on his/her health.

3) Family factors.

Family history also contributes to the problem, as children are more likely to gain weight if they have family members who are obese.

4) Psychological factors.

Stress can also lead to putting on weight; moreover, it leads to more serious problems like depression and lack of self-esteem.

However, some children think of food as an escapism from reality, not knowing the critical consequences.

5) Socioeconomic factors.

Some people have limited resources and access to supermarkets and might end up buying unhealthy food.

Therefore, they might buy things like cookies and frozen meals that will undoubtedly contribute to obesity.

Obesity in Children Complications

Many complications might reflect on your child’s physical and emotional well-being.

Moreover, you should put into consideration avoiding some bad eating habits in order not to experience them.

Some of these complications might include:

a) Diabetes:

Many sugary treats will end up affecting your child’s health and might lead to type two diabetes.

b) High cholesterol:

Your child can develop whether a high cholesterol or a high blood pressure condition because of overweight.

As it contributes to the buildup of plaques in the arteries, which can cause serious problems.

c) Asthma:

Unfortunately, children with serious are more likely to have asthma.

d) Sleep disorders:

Many obese children have sleep disorders in which their breathing repeatedly stops and continues during sleep.

e) Low self-esteem:

Many obese children have low self-esteem and more likely to be bullied.

However, that might, unfortunately, lead to depression.

f) Depression:

This can occur as a result of low self-esteem that might create feelings of hopelessness.


Obesity in Children
Obesity in Children

Fortunately, you can avoid all these problems by sticking to a healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, eating healthier food and avoid sugar-sweetened kind of beverages and fast food will be the first step.

In addition, increasing the quantities of fruits and veggies will be an important step towards a healthy life.

Furthermore, you should eat more food made at home instead of eating out in restaurants.

Besides, physical activity is a great assist that might help in getting your children’s life healthier.

Your children’s health is what really matters; therefore making it healthy will make life easier for them.





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