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A sales trader in Bank of America found dead at the weekend

A popular sales trader in the bank of America died at the weekend.

Therefore, the firm is mourning following this beloved man’s death.

How the sales trader died?

It is said that Joe Heraty, the sales trader passed away because of a sudden heart attack.

However, the firm did not comment any further about his death.

Heraty Joined the bank of America, which is one of the top 10 banks in USA in 2007 according to the records.

Although, he spent more than 3 years working at J.P. Morgan in London before that.

Moreover, Joe Heraty’s sudden death was not expected at all from his colleagues and even clients.

Furthermore, the sales traders are now under pressure after the new legislation and started complaining about their jobs.

Heart attack and its complications

Heart attack can undoubtedly cause sudden deaths as it has many severe complications associated with it.

Arrhythmia is one of these complications as it disrupts the normal heartbeats and makes the patient’s heart fell as if he is racing.

Unfortunately, some of these complications including heart failure might stop the heart from getting blood.

Moreover, sudden deaths occur eventually, leaving everybody shocked.

However, in order to prevent any of these complications, you should quit any unhealthy habits.

Therefore, non-smokers have fewer risks than regular smokers do.

The effect of smoking on one’s health is disastrous as it can cause critical problems to your health.

Moreover, work pressure might be one of the reasons for heart attacks as well.

Therefore, do not work overtime weekly you must get rest from time to time.

One advice to patients with heart problems is to go on vacations and stay relaxed as they can.

Health problems might be aching for all people, as they cannot do things normally like their healthy friends.

However, sticking to some exercise will undoubtedly be in great help for your life.



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