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Urban Green Spaces Can Help people live longer

Urban green spaces have a great role in making our lives better.

Moreover, the greener our cities become, the more we live longer.

Urban Green Spaces effects

There are cities that are greener than others like Philadelphia for instance.

Moreover, they are in the process of making more than 20% of their space greener.

However, some northern cities have fewer green spaces than southern ones.

World Health Organization are now looking forward to highlighting the importance of green spaces.

Therefore, they are working so hard in order to spread the awareness of the relationship between green spaces and public health.

They are making cities residents more aware of the importance of green space as it gives them the ability to workout.

They also relate relaxation, peace, and escapism from heat to the amount of green spaces their city mostly has.

How to make use of these green spaces?

Green spaces are mostly associated with better quality of air as well as cooler temperatures.

Also, physical activity in those green spaces can undoubtedly improve your mental health.

Moreover, studies show that more than 3% of global deaths are because of the lack of physical activity.

Therefore, WHO is in their way to develop a health impact assessment tool for green interventions in cities.

Moreover, they started their searches were to link between green spaces and premature mortality.

What should Cities do?

cities greening up
cities greening up

Cities are now focusing on making more green spaces in order to have healthier lives.

Moreover, researchers are using the results to estimate how many cities could prevent premature deaths by greening up.

Not only, preventing premature deaths is the concern of them, but increasing biodiversity and mitigation of climate change.

Therefore, cities around the world should now focus on making a lot of green spaces.

In addition, they should also spread the awareness of the importance of that to public health.

So that people can participate in making their cities greener along with their governments.



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