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New Zealand: A volcanic eruption leaves Five dead

New Zealand today had a disaster in a highly touristic destination.

Moreover, it left five man dead and more than 23 people rescued.

New Zealand’s Volcanic Eruption

Some tourists were walking inside the rim of the white island crater right before the eruption.

Therefore, reports showed that more than 23 people were rescued and the numbers of deaths was most likely to rise.

Moreover, the area now is way too dangerous for a rescue operation as the island has the most active volcanoes.

However, the private island is a high tourist destination with frequent day tours and scenic flights available.

Therefore, New Zealand is also famous for its traditions and customs such as Gumboot Day and the haka.

What happened at the island?

The eruption happened in the white island also known as Whakaari around 14:11 local time.

Moreover, some tourist who was visiting the island on a morning tour filmed the incident.

Deputy police commissioner John Tims said “at this stage, it is too dangerous for police and rescue services to go to the island.”

In addition, he said that the eruption covered the island in ash and volcanic material”.

“We continue to assess the conditions that would allow us to go on to the island… we are taking expert advice with regards to the safety of any rescue attempt.” He added

On the other hand, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Australians engaged in a horrible event.

Did New Zealand expect it?

Earlier on 3 December, GeoNet, a geological hazard monitoring website warned of such an activity.

Therefore, they said that the volcano might enter a period in which eruptive activities is more likely to happen.

Associate Professor, at the University of Auckland, Jan Lindsay, said the alert level raised from one to two.

Moreover, The Professor also added “There is a high level of unrest and everyone should be aware.”

The incident eventually led to five deaths and the police think that the numbers will rise.

Therefore, they highly recommend people to stay out of the area for the time being.

Patients in these kinds of situations are most likely to have thermal injuries as a result of the eruption.

So, they mostly get a special treatment in order to live normally after such burns.



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